Sol Wave House pool, where all the action takes place

Sol Wave House pool, where all the action takes place

If the Spanish Mediterranean isn’t romantic enough, the Sol Wave House (@SolWaveHouse) has added some spice using Twitter. On the beautiful Magaluf Beach in Mallorca guests are immersed in the Twitter experience in a virtual community that becomes a reality to meet, interact, flirt and tweet. The hotel is designed to encourage conversations using hashtags including a Twitter Concierge for guests in the exclusive #TwitterPartySuites which sleep four people. Free drinks, discounts and VIP sunbeds for people attending a #TwitterParty and of course, free Social WiFI.

#PartySuite - tweet your face with a #moustache

#PartySuite – tweet your face with a #moustache

Summer is alive with events including concerts, skateboarding and BMX riding exhibitions, #fashionshow, beach football and FlowBoarding contests (using the pool’s artificial wave facilities), so there’s no end to group activities on a grand scale, all socially helped along by the dedicated hotel web application.

#FlowBoarding contests


The property’s swimming pool is where a lot of the action takes place, and guests can send virtual kisses to anyone who catches their eye via the app. Using the Bali Bed numbers as identifiers, guests can tweet directly to someone using the #BaliBed2 hashtags and strike up a conversation. Longing glances across a bar are now replaced with flirty tweets! You can even request a drink be sent over to a particular Bali Bed or congratulate someone on their great ride of the pool’s artificial waves.

solwavehouse djs


If the tweets gain a stamp of approval you can arrange to meet at Sol Wave House’s #TwitterPoolParty on Friday nights or take it to your #TwitterPartySuite. You can have your entire party catered for using the Twitter Concierge and request a fridge refill #FillMyFridge or more of those lovely Twitter blue candies and licorice if you run out.


solwavehouse 2

This is taking social media to a new level and quite productively we think. It’s absolutely perfect if you’re a shy person too. No more awkward moments around a bar, you get to check someone out from a distance, and 140 characters first!

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