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Syria has launched an electronic visa system effective from 1 May, as confirmed by the Russian news agency TASS and reported by Wego. This new system allows travelers to apply for visas online, thereby eliminating the need for visits to embassies or consulates. The processing time for these e-visas is up to 72 hours.


Syrian Tourism Minister Mohammad Rami Radwan Martini stated that the decision to introduce e-visas is part of a larger strategy to simplify entry procedures. Speaking to SANA, Minister Martini highlighted the role of this initiative in addressing the challenges faced by Syrian tourism, especially in regions without diplomatic representation.

Minister Martini also addressed concerns regarding payment methods for the e-visas. He outlined the options available to applicants, particularly those residing in countries without electronic payment capabilities. “The system currently provides two payment options for visa fees: electronic payment where available or postponement of payment until arrival at border crossings,” he stated. This flexible approach aims to ensure a seamless payment process for all applicants, regardless of their location or financial infrastructure.

The introduction of e-visas marks a significant step towards simplifying the process for visitors to Syria. By leveraging digital innovation, the government aims to enhance tourism accessibility and foster greater connectivity with the global community. This move underscores Syria’s commitment to modernization and efficiency in facilitating international travel.

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