The Philippines is a stunning destination, and from what became apparent during the Wego Life Changing Travel Story in the Philippines campaign, filled with incredibly resilient and colourful people. Hundreds of bloggers, writers, diarists and travellers shared an overwhelming variety of amazing encounters and experiences from every corner of the Philippines.

Some were tinged with sadness and tragedy, some displayed how travel and the human spirit can be life-changing, and many shared the spirit of adventure on the road less travelled. All up the contest highlighted many fantastically inspirational stories about the heart and soul of the country through its people.

The judging panel consisted of three judges: myself, Editor and Director of PR for Wego; Phillip Kimpo Jr, Editor-in-Chief at ABS-CBN Choose Philippines, and Domingo Ramon C. Enerio III COO of Tourism Promotions Board.

We were all completely blown away by the talent and diverse stories that were submitted, and so appreciative of the level of intimacy shared by all the contestants. Over the coming weeks we’ll be featuring each of the top ten, as well as the special jury prize winner, beginning today with the grand prize winner,Reiza Dejito, who’s story ‘Battle Scars’ you can find in this category.

To all the contestants, we take our hats off to you. And, dear readers, we hope you enjoy diving into the heart and soul of the Philippines as much as we did!