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The Royal Thai Embassy in Doha has announced a significant leap towards digital transformation and convenience with the launch of its online e-visa application platform, as reported by Wego.

Effective from 19 March 2024, precisely from 6:00 AM onward, this initiative will replace the traditional in-person visa application procedures. Applicants will now experience the seamless and efficient process of applying for their visas online.


The online e-visa application becomes the sole method for applying for a visa to Thailand, making it an exclusive feature of the embassy. It’s open to all nationalities with a Qatar Residence Permit and it accommodates all types of visas.

The last day for in-person visa applications will be on 17 March 2024 until 11:00 AM. The embassy encourages applicants to embrace this digital shift and enjoy the streamlined, user-friendly experience offered by the online platform. For detailed information on the application process, requirements, and more, visit the official Thai e-visa website.

In addition to the aforementioned changes, it’s important to note that applicants should apply for their e-visa at least 10 days prior to their travel date. This requirement ensures that there is ample time for the processing of the e-visa application and for any potential issues to be addressed.