Fans of The Crown will live their royal daydreams on this four-day itinerary, both in shooting locations and in iconic royal hotspots. Inspired by a recent show that shines light on the lives of the British Royal Family in the 1960s and 1970s and unveils Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth for the first time, the tour will see Crown aficionados travel through London and pass down some of the most popular country lanes along the route, stopping at some of the iconic landmarks of southern England.



Royal Tour of Buckingham Palace

Royal Tour of Buckingham Palace


Visitors will plunge head-to-head into their Crown-inspired adventure at the Royal Epicentre, Buckingham Palace. Enjoy the elegant environment of this landmark home on a tour of some of its most exquisite quarters, including the White Living Room, the Throne Room, the Photo Gallery, the Ballroom and the Grand Staircase. Tours are accessible from July to September, but selfies outside the door can be picked up during the year.

Buckingham Palace also presents a broad variety of seminars, talks and events on the history of the royal family and art and entertainment across the years, all housed in the Queen’s Room.

Prices: Admission charge to Buckingham Palace State Rooms is £26.50 (₹2,391.61*) for adults and £14.50 (₹1,308.61*) for children under the age of 17. The Royal Day Out pass, which requires access to the State Rooms, the Royal Mews and the Queen’s Gallery, costs £49 (₹4,422.21*) for adults and £26.50 (₹2,391.61*) for children under the age of 17. Children under the age of five go free.


Treat near the Queen’s birthplace

Classic Bar


First stop is Coach & Horse, Bruton Street–a true treat for anyone who wants to feel the environment of a classic British bar. Nestled in the busy Mayfair and dated back to the 18th century, it is situated on the very street where the Queen was raised. One of the oldest pubs in the region, its narrow Tudor-style facade, traditional pub cuisine and a large variety of ales render it a delightful stop-off for lovers of The Crown and anglophiles finding the true taste of British fare.

Prices: Main dishes from £9.99 (₹902*)

Travel time: 25 minutes on foot


Dazzling visit to the Crown Jewels

The Jewel House


Aficionados of the show may no doubt have seen the glamorous crown fill their screens many times, but a journey to London offers viewers the opportunity to experience this mesmerizing monarchy close up. Keep in the Jewel House in the ancient Tower of London since the 14th century, the British Crown Jewels contain more than 140 ritual items used by the royal family. 

Encrusted with 2,800 diamonds, the crown carried by Her Majesty during the coronation of 1953, as dramatized in The Crown, is intended to leave the tourist bewildered.

Price: A visit to the Jewel House is included in the entrance fee to the Tower of London. Tickets cost from £24.70 (₹2,230*) for an adult and £11.70 (₹1,056*) for children. Family tickets are also available

Travel time: 30 minutes on the Underground


Party like Princess Margaret

Jazz Club


Enjoy a glimpse of Princess Margaret’s luxurious lifestyle at The Crown in an institution enjoyed by the fun-loving Princess herself. Not altered after Princess Margaret was used to love live music and drinks, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club continues to attract visitors to the center of the world of jazz.

Expect lush red carpets, soft table lamps and appearances by some of the best faces on the stage, as well as a menu of caviar, lobster, risotto and beef. Served with the stage in-sight, the diners should hear the princess (or prince) every inch.

Prices: Mains start from £19.50 (₹1,760*). Tickets to performances at Ronnie Scott’s vary in price and can be booked online

Travel time: 30 minutes on the Underground


Ending with a Royal Dining 

Shellfish Dish


Were you searching for a culinary experience with the stamp of royal approval? Look no farther than Wilton at St. James’s. At the beginning of his career as a modest oyster in 1742, he has been granted six Royal Warrants and is a favourite of the Royal family. One of the oldest restaurants in the country, it is renowned for its iconic shellfish, grilled fish and a range of delicately roasted meats.

Prices: Oysters start from £3 (₹270*) each. Prices for shellfish and meat dishes vary – please see the menu for further details

Travel time: 13 minutes on foot



Its Tea-time

Tea Time

Without afternoon tea, no royal travel to London will be full. Some of the most famous venues are Fortnum & Mason, a revered institution that has been offering the finest quality tea since 1926. In 2012, in tribute to her 60th year as reigning queen, the department store invited her Royal Highness to the launch of the Diamond Jubilee Tea Show. 

A tearoom suited for kings, this is the perfect afternoon tea encounter. For truly sound like royalty, order Earl Grey with afternoon tea-the Queen’s favorite blend is popular.

Price: Afternoon tea from £60 (₹5,414*) per person. A glass of Fortnum & Mason Champagne can be added for an additional £10. (₹902*)

Travel time: 17 minutes on the Underground 


Discover Thames

Royal Navy College


Watch the footprints of the beloved protagonists from The Crown at the Former Royal Naval College in Greenwich. Used to portray Buckingham Palace in the show, the house is a masterpiece of 18th-century design located near the River Thames. Built by Sir Christopher Wren in 1712, it is the crowning jewel of Maritime Greenwich, an 18-acre UNESCO World Heritage Site that also includes a wonderfully designed temple, Victorian skittle lane and unmissable grounds for discovery.

While not shown in the show, the Old Royal Naval College is host to the largest decorated hall in Europe. Identified as the’ Britain’s Sistine Chapel,’ this 300-year-old attraction has recently been renovated to £ 8.5 million, meaning there has never been a great time to visit.

Nearby, guests will discover the Queen’s House as well. Dating back to the 1600s, it was constructed by Inigo Jones and made a gift of compensation for King James I’s aunt, Anne of Denmark, after he falsely lied to her that he had lost one of his favorite dogs on a hunting trip.

Prices: A ticket to the Old Royal naval College is £12 (₹1,083*) for adults, children under 16 go free with an accompanying adult

Travel time: 35 minutes on the London Underground


Sail through Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark


Visitors hoping for a glimpse of maritime heritage together with their royal past will consider it only a few steps away from Cutty Sark. Queen Elizabeth II and her spouse, Prince Philip, toured the ship several times. Visitors will go for a glimpse of British maritime heritage and also mark the 150th anniversary of the submarine, with a variety of events from 22 to 24 November 2019.

Price: From £13.50 (₹1,218*) for adults and £6.75 (₹610*) for children over four. Children under four go free.

Travel time: Five minutes on foot.


Dine at Maggie Jones

Dinner at Maggie Jones


For a taste of princess-worthy passion, guests can dine in a candlelit restaurant once enjoyed by Princess Margaret. Renamed Maggie Jones, allegedly in tribute to the Royal’s former nickname, this chic Kensington dining room presents typical meals in a rustic setting. It’s great for a cozy evening with delicious food and English style, complete with wicker baskets and hanging hops.

Price: Mains start from £15 (₹1,354*)

Travel time: 55 minutes by Docklands Light Railway and the Underground


Evening at Lyceum Theatre

Lyceum Theatre


The Lyceum Theatre in London’s West End would be immediately familiar to the supporters of The Monarchy.  Designed as a glamorous setting for the Royal Gala attended by Queen Elizabeth (Claire Foy) and Prince Philip (Matt Smith), today visitors will dress up to the nines and spend their own evening to remember at the theater that is host to the famous movie, The Lion King.

Price: Tickets to The Lion King start from £20 (₹1,805*) – see online for details 

Travel time: Thirty minutes on the Underground



Explore Hatfield House

Hatfield House


Retrace the movements of the glorious Queen Mary (Eileen Atkins) on a tour of Hatfield House. The magnificent Long Gallery displayed in The Crown as Queen Mary passed across the hall on her way to see the Duke of Windsor. Built in the 1600s, this house provides insight into the lavish age of British culture. It was here, in the Old Palace in 1558, with excellent specimens of Jacobean craftsmanship, that Elizabeth I was told she would inherit the throne–yet another explanation why the house is a must-see for history buffs.

Price: Re-opening 4 April 2020, entry to the house costs from £19 (₹1,715*) for adults and £9 (₹812*) for children

Travel time: Just over an hour from London by car.


Engage in a royal pastime

Instead, tourists should put on a classic tweed jacket and a pair of wellington boots while they try their hand to fire a clay pigeon. A traditional royal pastime, the Lea Valley Sporting Club in Hertfordshire provides opportunities for both community clubs and individuals. 

Price: Price from £30 (₹2,707*) for a ‘have-a-go’ clay pigeon shooting experience to £70 (₹6,318*) for an hour-long individual lesson

Travel time: 25 minutes by car


Dine at  St Michael’s Manor Hotel

Manor Hotel


Luxurious country-style cuisine at St Michael’s Manor Hotel. Overlooking the five-acre gardens and the scenic pool, the hotel’s orange-inspired Pool Restaurant offers classic British food, including beef filets, torched halibut or cauliflower and broccoli frits.

Price: A two-course lunch costs from £20 (₹1,805*), or £24 (₹2,165*) for three courses.

Travel time: 25 minutes by car


Step into a treasure trove of history

The Castle


Fans will see the same place where Prince Philip (Matt Smith) and Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) had a private talk at The Castle, Knebworth House cozy wooden stairwell. The house itself has a magnifying glass with 500 years of British past and tradition, plus an in-depth guided walk.

Prices: Opening March – September 2020, prices from £14 (₹1,264*) for adults and £13.50 (₹1,219*) for children for entry to the house and tour

Travel time: 30 minutes by car



Explore Ely Cathedral 

Ely Cathedral


Used as a setting for the dramatic scenes in which Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip we do, as well as the monarch’s iconic televised coronation, Ely Cathedral is a must-see for any Crown enthusiast. Completed in 1083, the Cathedral is an excellent illustration of medieval monastic design. Visit the magnificent nave, the Lady Chapel, take a guided tour of the Octagon church tower and listen to the resident choristers, a custom stretching back to the 16th century.

Price: Tickets from £9 (₹812*) for adults or £13 (₹1,173*) for entry plus a ticket for the Stained Glass Museum

Travel time: 90 minutes by car


Taste local flavours

Enjoy a wonderful meal at the Poets House Hotel and Restaurant. Located only five minutes by car from Ely Cathedral, the restaurant’s menu uses fresh and locally grown ingredients to produce tasty dishes such as grilled lamb cutlets, salmon filets and cod loins. 

Price: Mains start from £13 (₹1,173*)

Travel time: Five minutes from Ely Cathedral by car


Discover Cambridge’s royal heritage  

River Cam


Only 40 minutes away by car is the academic city of Cambridge, full of incredible past, impressive architecture and twisting cobbled streets. Adventurers may visit the grounds of the popular University-the alma mater of the Prince of Wales, rent a cruise and take a walk down the River Cam, or simply do some sightseeing before going back to London.

Travel time: 40 minutes by car   


*NOTE: Prices in INR are as per the currency exchange rate at the the time of writing.