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What is a key component of Western classical music is soon going to be intertwined with elements of Saudi art and culture, wowing the world. According to Wego’s reports, the capital city of Riyadh is setting the stage for the first-ever Saudi grand opera at the King Fahd Cultural Center, under the patronage of Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan,


The grand opera, “Zarqa Al-Yamama,” produced by the Saudi Theater and Performing Arts Commission, will premiere on 24 April and continue until 4 May 2024. 

“Zarqa Al-Yamama” is an eternal tale of a clairvoyant heroine from the Geddes tribe Al-Yamama region who has existed since pre-Islamic times. She was known for her precognition and resilience despite the general skepticism. The opera is composed by Lee Bradshaw to a libretto by Saudi writer and poet Saleh Zamanan. This is also the first time an opera will be sung in Arabic language. 

Saleh Zamman expressed in a recent press statement, “…  this opera, as it introduces a new artistic and aesthetic perspective in the Kingdom and the broader region. ’Zarqa Al Yamama’ embodies a bloody and tearful tragedy depicting ancient history, and at the same time it symbolizes the sorrows of Arabs in today’s world. However, the production is not devoid of hope, and offers the promise of a bright and happy tomorrow.” 

Tickets to the grand opera performance can be purchased from the Ministry of Culture’s official website.