Have you noticed how the airlines are upping the ante when it comes to Airline advertising? It seems far more competitive and frankly we love how inventive they’re becoming. Air New Zealand of course is a stand out when it comes to promoting not only their airline but their beloved green fields of home as the spectacular destination that it is.

Air New Zealand has in the past incorporated their mighty All Blacks rugby team, even painting their planes black, and cleverly maximised the opportunity afforded them by Peter Jackson who used the country’s beautiful backdrop as the home of Middle Earth in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films, using wizards, hobbits and elves in an on-board safety video in The Hobbit: an unexpected briefing. They’ve done it again, this time featuring adventurer Bear Grylls in an imaginative and adapted instruction of safety onboard the aircraft.

Apart from the necessity for airlines to become more competitive, YouTube has opened a world of unprecedented marketing reach. It’s no longer about air time or gross rating points, it’s now all about likes, shares and virality. Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways newest commercial, The World is our Home, You are our Guest is a smooth, chic, split-screen visual, simultaneously cramming a number of messaging into one.


Nothing beats a great tune and a gorgeous child. Scandinavian Airlines or SAS have sent the cuteness factor into orbit with this gorgeous ad. We love the hair clip getting caught in the security check and just try and get that song out of your head!


Topping our list of one of the best airline ads ever is Grandpa’s Magic Trick from Wider¸e a small regional airline in Norway. It just goes to show, the power of simplicity and originality is restricted only by one’s imagination.

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