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Updated January 2024

The Line (also called Mirror Line) at NEOM is Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s planned $500 billion NEOM project that is set to become the world’s longest skyscraper.

With an aim to house 9 million people, create 38,000 job opportunities by 2030, abandon traditional carbon-intensive infrastructures, ensure a comfortable climate throughout the year, and create an improved quality of life for all its residents, The Line is truly a wonder project by the KSA.

Latest updates on The Line at NEOM

A progress film showcasing the ongoing large-scale construction projects at The Line, in addition to other NEOM regions like Trojena, Sindalah, and Oxagon, has been recently unveiled. Following the live video update of NEOM in January 2023, the project has experienced substantial momentum, with 3,000 employees and 60,000 workers representing over 90 different countries tirelessly contributing to the development of this $500 billion city.

What is The Line at NEOM?

The Line at NEOM is Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s planned $500 billion project set to become the world’s longest skyscraper.

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The structure is expected to cost a staggering $1 trillion upon completion.

The world’s largest structure will comprise of two glass reflective buildings measuring up to 488 metres (1,600 feet), running parallel for 120 kilometres (75 miles) across coastal, mountain and desert terrain.

The Line is set to house 9 million people within a city that occupies only 34 square kilometres, so infrastructure effects will be minimal, enabling the city to utilize its resources more efficiently than ever.

Alternatively, it will ensure a comfortable climate throughout the year so that residents can enjoy the surrounding nature and access all amenities within 5 minutes, and an advanced high-speed train that will help reach the two maximum points within 20 minutes.

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The Line is a never-before-seen approach to urbanization – a 170km-long, 200m-wide linear urban development of multiple, hyper-connected communities, with walkable neighbourhoods integrated with public parks and the natural landscape. The city will be free from streets and cars, making it free from carbon emissions.

Moreover, as in traditional cities, transportation and infrastructure will also be designed to serve people and not the other way around.

The Line Exhibition 2023 is the perfect setting for showcasing the groundbreaking designs and innovative concepts of The Line, a revolutionary city being developed by NEOM in Saudi Arabia. Check out Wego‘s article about the Line Exhibition to know more.

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What to expect from The Mirror Line project at NEOM?

A city with an ideal climate

The Line at NEOM has been designed to have an ideal climate — a microclimate that ensures maximum benefits from sunlight, natural air entry and shade, and creates a natural balance in the movement of the air.

Moreover, there will be open green spaces throughout the city to provide relief for residents and visitors.

Easy access

The two buildings of The Line will be connected via walkways, with a high-speed train running underneath them that will help people residing within the city to travel between the two maximum points within 20 minutes.

Free from carbon emissions

By abandoning traditional carbon-intensive infrastructures, such as cars and streets, The Line will be made carbon neutral or free from carbon emissions.

In addition to providing 100% renewable energy, the integration of nature with open spaces throughout the city will also play a key role in the quality and purity of the air.

Improved quality of life

The Line will house world-class preventive healthcare facilities that will not only prepare residents for longer life but also contribute to their well-being.

Moreover, the car and street-free environment of The Line and its 100% sustainable transportation system will also make the city free from pollution and traffic accidents.

A conglomeration of business growth & prosperity

The city’s pollution-free life will form a high-density conglomerate that looks to create 380,000 job opportunities by 2030.

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