Mother Nature definitely spent considerable time creating so many incredibly diverse landscapes in Australia. There’s so many spots that defy the imagination in the land downunder, and in Western Australia’s Nambung National Park, she got very artistic.


Rising like sculptures from the desert, the ancient Pinnacles stand upright among the golden yellow sand dunes, contrasting beautifully beside the idyllic deep blue Indian Ocean. Around three hours drive north from Perth, the Pinnacles are limestone pillars, some several metres tall.

They appear to have been thrown down from the skies, jutting into the air like buildings, a natural city amongst the sand. There are thousands for as far as they eye can see, and you can absorb the eerie atmosphere by either driving, or walking a trail amongst them. The silence is eerie, with only the desert winds singing quietly in the background.


The desert spires are millions of years old, made up of shells, dating back to a time when the sand was beneath the sea.

You may catch glimpses of wild emus, colourful birds and other wildlife wandering through the giant rocks. One of the most spectacular views can be captured at sunset from the lookout point when the sky and landscape in front of you take on all shades of gold and red.


After marvelling at the wonders of mother nature, take a drive down to the nearby fishing village of Cervantes. Stop for some great freshly caught seafood for lunch, then explore the stunning white sand beaches, surrounded by coral reefs. Check out Lake Thetis; a salt water lake filled with ancient (living) fossils unique to this part of the world.


Thirsty Point Lookout is great for fishing, or take a cool swim in the transparent, aquamarine sea around Hangover Bay. Spot some of Australia’s famous kangaroos just near the national park’s entrance at Kangaroo Point. They often enjoy sunrise and sunset directly on the beach.


Further north you’ll discover Jurien Bay, a beautiful coastal town boasting some of the best rock-lobster anywhere. Between June and October migrating whales pass by, and it’s a great place to snorkel among the limestone reefs and many caves.

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