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Rough waters hold the capability to flood a village and shape mountains that stand still for millennia. Every century or so, when calamity beyond human comprehension hits civilization, few lose themselves to the despair in an artful manner. The haplessness of 2020 took Mike White back to his childhood days spent in Hawai’i, and a certain sense of memento mori gave birth to the Double Academy award-winning series The White Lotus. 

The White Lotus takes us to many places and ultimately reminds us that while salacious, scintillating, vague philosophies may seem to be in vogue when looking from afar, we must never forget basic decency and etiquette when dealing with another living being, even when vacationing, or perhaps in this case—particularly when on vacation. 

Take a flight of fancy with Wego today as we glide through the fairytale-esque locales where the scenes of the first two seasons of White Lotus are set and take a peek at where season 3 will take place.

Disclaimer: If you haven’t watched ‘The White Lotus’ series yet or are currently in the midst of it, this article contains spoilers. Proceed reading at your own discretion. 


If you remember the summer of 21, then a certain soundtrack with various sounds of nature took all over social media, and that soundtrack was from none other than The White Lotus season 1. The soundtrack emanated much of what the show was about and the ambiance of Hawaii and Maui. 

At 3900 Wailea Alanui Drive in Maui, Hawai’i lies one of the most elegantly tinseled getaways: Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea. Since its inception, it has been a home away from home to many vacationers in Hawai’i, and it certainly shepherded to be the elemental nucleus of the HBO series. 

Open-air sunny terraces, oceanfront views and the team at Four Seasons Resort Maui, consisting of local staff, add to the experience of truly being in Hawai’i with their first “Aloha.” Whether you want to enjoy Maui from the resort with the nimiety of amenities or explore the island on your own, Four Seasons Maui will customize each step of your journey, ensuring you are experiencing a one-of-a-kind time on your Hawai’i vacation. 

It’s like a hotel nestled within a hotel—a haven where the spirit of island life beckons. Experience the essence of island life with a thrilling helicopter tour that will take you over magnificent waterfalls, rainforest peaks, the dormant volcanoes of Haleakalā, and enchanting orchard tours. Take a refreshing dip in the resort’s serene pools that boast breathtaking panoramic views of the West Maui Mountains and the neighboring islands. Or indulge in a taste of premium caffeine with a chartered helicopter tour over the volcanic topography, the awe-inspiring Hamakua coast, and the stunning Waipi‘o Valley. The valley features 2,000-foot sea cliffs and 1,200-foot waterfalls on your way to the Bolton Estate, which is home to the Kona Coffee & Tea Company.

Take part in the myriad activities with the sea as your companion. Sail into the sunset with the sea wind as a balm to the soul, and learn how to surf, go fishing, jet skiing, or kiteboarding. Raft and discover the secret coves of south Maui’s volcanic coastline, scuba dive, watch the beautiful whales or go on a snorkeling tour. 

If flying or sailing isn’t your cup of tea, Four Seasons Resort Maui provides a plethora of land-based activities. From ziplining and horseback riding to rappelling and exploring the island and national parks by car or bike, there’s no shortage of adventures to embark on. You can even take tours of pineapple fields to immerse yourself in the local culture. And if watching the first season of White Lotus has sparked your interest in visiting Hawai’i, now you know exactly where to go to experience the setting of the story firsthand.

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With higher stakes to entertain the audience than the previous, Mike White’s thrilling mystery storyline takes us next to Italy, specifically to the evergreen Sicily. The Ionian Sea, with the ruminant presence of Mount Etna in the distance being overseen by the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace in the hilltop town of Taormina, acts as the stage for The White Lotus season 2. 

At Piazza San Domenico, 5, 98039, in Taormina, Italy, lies the beguilingly elegant, alluring haven: Four Seasons San Domenico Palace. What was once a convent in the early 14th century is now a world of eternal sunshine and grace. While modernity has given birth to an opulent haven in the suits, beachfront rooms, and cliff-top infinity pool, the essence of the traditional Italian gardens and art decorating the resort maintains an aura of time travel during your stay at Four Seasons San Domenico Palace. 

Experience the exuberance of luxury once braced by Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, and Oscar Wilde as San Domenico Palace is now enhanced by Four Seasons, baselining a new era of hospitality. Indulge in the intricately ornamented rooms with the very best luxurious amenities and discover Taormina and Sicily like never before. 

A little hike up to the wilderness surrounding Mount Etna guided by the Four Seasons’ team to stargaze at lost worlds up in the night sky and then feast on scrumptious meals cooked by Michelin star chefs as you get cozy to spend an evening filled with the wonders of astronomy and mythology. Alternatively, dive into Sicily’s glamorous lifestyle with a private helicopter tour over breathtaking Taormina, followed by an intimate wine tour and dinner at Cottanera’s family-owned winery, all while enjoying mesmerizing views of majestic Mount Etna.

For a more immersive experience, savor a three-course volcanic-inspired meal paired with local wines during a guided journey through a mountain village and adjacent vineyard on Mount Etna’s slopes.


The beautiful city of Noto bundled up amidst the citrusy Mediterranean wonders of nature and molded by baroque architecture, also plays a critical role in the second season of The White Lotus.

Discover the history of Syracuse with Four Seasons’ guides and enjoy an authentic Sicilian lunch with stories of Sicily’s journey toward excellence, spanning the spheres of tourism, gastronomy, and enology.


Every time a spectacular scene of a beach magnetized us in The White Lotus season 2, it was, in actuality, a part of the beaches in the little town of Cefalù, a 2-hour car ride from Taormina.

Feel the time slow down as you take a stroll down the little coastal town, feel the waves play at your feet on the gorgeous sandy beach or taste some of the best coffee that your heart will crave when you leave Italy in the town square corner coffee houses.  

Isola Bella

Isola Bella is one of the Borromean islands in Northern Italy, located 400 meters from Stresa, a lakeside town on the Borromean Gulf. With a width of 400 meters and a length of 320 meters, Isola Bella consists of the Palace, its Italianate garden, and a fishing village. 

The captivating woodsy island where we see Ethan and Daphne take a mysterious walk in the last episode is the Isola Bella. You can reach this island by taking a cable car from your hotel. 

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Koh Samui

The third season of Mike White’s masterpiece has yet to start shooting, let alone brace our screens. However, with the Tourism Authority of Thailand recently confirming that Thailand will be playing the background role for the characters in the new season of The White Lotus, it can be anticipated that Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui will be home to brand new characters as they navigate their breakaway from the mundane. 

While the core map of season 3 is yet to be unfurled, you can still visit Thailand and experience the beauty of Koh Samui from the Four Seasons Resort with a yacht trip through the islands, learn the art of Muay Thai kick-boxing with private lessons from Muay Thai professionals, snorkel in the water surrounded by coral reefs and exotic fishes, shopping at the Fisherman’s Village, relax at the Secret Garden Spa, and savor the taste of Thailand while satisfying your gastronomic senses at KOH Thai Kitchen. 

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As an American singer-songwriter once said, “… might end in burning flames or paradise. …” We urge you to take a petal out of The White Lotus and set sail on a new journey today.


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