If in these past few weeks you’ve been remotely online at all, you’ve probably seen the snippets of news on Harry and Meghan’s move to Canada. Putting aside all the speculations, we think we know why the former royals chose Canada to start their new life.

Canada is a vast, vast land of outstanding beauty, exciting attractions, and vibrant cultures. The Canadian people are also a notoriously nice bunch. While it may tend to get less attention as a tourist destination than its North American neighbors, Canada definitely more than deserves a share of some of that attention.

It’s got some truly breathtaking scenery

What’s arguably the crown jewel of Canada is the expanse of its natural landscapes. With a population of just under 38 million spread across 3.855 million mi², Canada also has lots and lots of space.

The list of places to explore is almost innumerable, with verdant forests, serene lakes, impressive mountains, gleaming snowscapes, and, of course, the Northern Lights.

Banff National Park

The oldest national park in Canada, Banff National Park, was established in 1885. Located in Alberta’s Rockies, the national park has everything for everyone.

While the mountains are perfect for the thrill-seeking daredevils looking for a challenging scale, those less adventurous can rest easy in one of the resorts over a warm fire and champagne.

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Lake Louise

Located within the Banff National Park, Lake Louise arguably the jewel in the crown of the park. It’s easy to see why – the lake has some of the best views that Canada has to offer.

The pristine turquoise lake is starkly contrasted by the lush trees and the rocky mountains, making it a picture-perfect sight. The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise sits right next to the lake, guaranteeing views to-die-for from your room.

Northern Lights

While the Northern lights are not exclusively Canadian, it is certainly no less beautiful thank its Scandinavian counterparts. To catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights in Canada, head to Yellowknife, which is a terrific destination in itself with its proximity to some of the most remote (read: untouched) natural sights and cultural diversity.

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Niagara Falls

This aquatic wonder is shared with the United States, but both sides offer a unique experience that does differ from the other in quite some ways. On the Canadian side, you can get incredibly expansive views of the falls and see the full horseshoe formation of this mighty phenomenon.

Be it just for a photo opportunity from a dry distance, or a boat ride close to the falls, Niagara Falls is truly a bucket-list item.

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There are plenty of exciting adventures

Canada’s reputation might make it seem tame and laid-back, but while a lot of that is correct, there are also plenty of exhilarating activities that you could partake in.


So you’ve done skiing before, and you’ve also flown in a helicopter, what’s next? How about mixing them both together and go heli-skiing?

You’d be able to do this in the slopes of Whistler in British Columbia, where you’d take a helicopter ride up the mountains and shred the powdery slopes. The overnight stays here in the log cabins are also ridiculously charming.

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Whale Watching

Few experiences could ever rival that of whale watching, and it’s something truly magical that you have to experience for yourself. One of the best places to do so would be around the waters of Vancouver Island (not to be confused with the nearby city of Vancouver), where you could disembark from the city of Victoria.

Here, you get a chance to see some of these majestic creatures, including orcas and humpbacks.

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Ice Hockey

The official winter sport of Canada, ice hockey is pretty much as ubiquitous with Canada as football is with America. A trip to Canada wouldn’t be complete without catching a game of ice hockey (or participating in one).

Ice hockey games happen all over the country, but the sport is most famous in the cities of Vancouver, Montréal, and Calgary. Fun fact: ice hockey can also be played outdoors, and it’s called shinny!

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Explore the bustling urban cities

It’s not all just nature in Canada; the cities here are just as urbanite as any other major city in the world, and some also have incredibly unique and distinct characteristics.


The proudly metropolitan city of Toronto is the financial and cultural capital of Canada, offering its residents and visitors all the excitement of urban life and the congeniality of everywhere else in the country.

The city is especially diverse, being a melting pot of cultures and identities, and blends together seamlessly and harmoniously. The city is littered with activities (not trash) – raucous dance clubs, cuisines from the world over, LGBTQ+ hangouts, trendy speakeasies, fascinating museums, Toronto has it all.

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Québec City

For a massive slice of Europe in North America, head over to French Canada’s Québec City. Distinctively French with streets named in French, people speaking in French, and the French-influenced local cuisine, the city has a strong European charm.

The UNESCO-listed Old Town is a historical treasure with its cobblestone streets and historic European-styled buildings, and with the breathtakingly regal-looking Le Château Frontenac as its star. Also, don’t forget to go on a ferry ride on the St Lawrence River.

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