It may have been a material world in the 1980s but should Madonna be writing that song today she may rename it ‘mobile world’. The tech world is buzzing with hives of developers working night and day to come up with the next new app that we’ll wonder how we ever lived without.

We completely understand how an app can be as vital to travelling as noise reduction ear-plugs or scoring three empty seats on an overnight flight, so I asked Wego’s CEO, Ross Veitch and our dedicated mobile developers which travel apps are imperative to a smooth and well-equipped journey – or which ones really just float their boat!  This is what they shared:

Ross Veitch, CEO and Wego co-founder 

Award Wallet – This app helps you to keep track of all your loyalty program details, as well as point balances. Especially handy to ensure you don’t let them expire!

Priority Pass – Allows you to locate the nearest airport lounge using the GPS from your location and covers more than 600 airports.

Google Translate – Very useful when linguistically challenged (in a pinch).

Google Maps – Never leave home without it.

FlightAware – Be aware of flight delays and gate changes before the airport/airline announces them.

Wego – Compare prices for flights and hotels for free across hundreds of websites in an instant (of course!).

Mark Reilly, Wego’s Director Mobile & Hotels Product

Word Lens & Waygo – Instantly translates printed words using your built-in video camera. Very handy for reading signs and even menus.

GrabTaxi – Called MyTeksi in Malaysia, this app gets you out of the taxi queue and have a car meet you wherever you are throughout Southeast Asia.

JetLag Genie – Create a plan to avoid the dreaded jetlag by inputting your usual wake up and sleep times, and the app will gently ease you into adjusting your times before, during and at your destination.

Honey Mittal, Wego’s Director of Mobile

TripIt – This is like a mobile travel diary, keeping track of all upcoming journeys and also handy for referencing past travel dates and times for your business expenses.

Uber – Don’t race around an airport when you land negotiating with taxis or changing money for fares, the Uber app connects you with a private driver at your destination at the tap of a button. Your fare can be deducted and you can even split the fare with your travel companions through the app.

S Health – New for the Galaxy S5, this app tracks your wellness, collecting health data to assist in a healthier lifestyle. Most importantly it reminds you when you need to take a holiday!