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Wego has learned that several nations in the Middle East have reopened their respective airspaces swiftly following a series of airspace closures on 13 and 14 April. Countries that had previously closed their skies due to regional events, including Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran, have now lifted these restrictions.


The initial closures had led to a cascade of flight diversions and cancellations across the region, causing logistical challenges and inconveniences for travelers. However, by 15 April, the affected countries began reopening their airspaces, allowing airlines to resume their regular flight schedules.

Qatar Airways was among the first to announce the resumption of normal operations, swiftly adjusting their flight paths back through the now-open airspaces. This move was closely followed by EgyptAir, which also announced the resumption of services to and from the affected countries. Major UAE airlines such as Emirates and Etihad also resumed normal operations on Sunday.

This rapid response to the reopening of airspaces not only minimizes disruption for passengers but also highlights airlines’ commitment to providing continuous service despite dynamic circumstances.