We all see the destinations we explore with different eyes. We make attempts to share those stories through photography, and some a little more intently capturing the rhythm and in some ways the essence of a destination with a video camera. Two Frenchmen, Edouard Debrousse and Benjamin Huan, are living their dream through videography and put together this incredibly inspirational clip that will give you travel goosebumps.

Watch the clip then discover their world as they follow their goal to ‘translate emotions into a universal language’.

We travel for… from Wego on Vimeo.

1. What is your background in videography and how do you incorporate it into your travels?

Benjamin and I are good friends and we both worked on these timelapse sequences. We met through a passion for photography and videography, and  recently founded our firm, Caldeira Production, where we specialise in branding and directing advertising production. This enables us to travel a lot, and is a good way to meet people and share ideas.

2. How does videography differ in storytelling to still images for you?

Stories can come from words, from pictures, from music, from art… Sometimes the topic is the story, sometimes it makes the story. We do love sharing. Every time you take a photo, you use your own eyes, your own point of view and then share it the way you saw it. Video and photography don’t differ that much, it’s just a different way to show what’s in your mind to others. Our goal is to translate emotions into a universal language.

Edouard De

Edouard Debrousse, film maker, director, storyteller and travel lover

3. Can you tell me a little about some of the projects you have worked on, in what destinations and perhaps how they have changed your views on those destinations or given you more insight into them?

We have travelled to so many different parts of the world. From Asia, South and North America, to Europe and Africa. People have different habits and share different emotions through love and hate. Living is important to each soul and I love going to countries with different social and economic behaviour to what we have in France. This is the real tresor (treasure) of the world.

4. What is your favourite destination to film and why, and where would you most love to film in the future?

Edouard : I really enjoyed California, the light is perfect and the lifestyle is kind of perfect too. I love the US culture. It’s so different in some ways but we all know it because we’ve all seen the movies and TV shows. When I was kid I was watching Terminator and those cars racing into the water tubes. Well that actually exists and they use it! I am going back to the US for Christmas, and I want to do more shooting in Los Angeles. Amazing city.

Benjamin : I really enjoyed Iceland on my last trip, two month ago. Amazing landscapes and people are very kind and welcoming. This country is just incredible, the land opens right under your feet ! From the air, to the fire, from water to dirt, you are always surrounded by earth’s elements, and in some places it even look likes the moon! The light is very particular too, Iceland is definitely unique. Next I would like to go to Asia and spend more time there.


Benjamin Huan, business partner, friend and fellow video explorer

5. What are some of the more unusual or interesting things you’ve seen while filming in a destination?

Edouard : My most unusual projects were filming crazy stunts when I was young with my friends. It was all about skateboarding and trashy stunts, and when I look at the videos now, we were so stupid! But it was very funny.

Benjamin : I filmed a Gypsy wedding, it was insane! I also loved watching as a rainbow slowly appeared on one of my timelapse videos – it was fantastic.

6. What’s your favourite equipment to use and why?

We use Canon 5d with a Series L lens and a time remote control for the delay shots for timelapses. We also use the Slider Dynamic Perception which provides motion control over the photoshoot. Very effective!

7. Last word

Best wishes to all travellers from around the world! Never stop taking pictures! This is the past, the present, and the future of your life.

8. Where is the best place to see your work online?