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Reviewed February 2024

Turkey is a major pit stop for several international travellers looking to reach locations across the world, with hundreds of flights crossing over from Turkey in as less as one week.

Read on as Wego explores some of the rules and restrictions that travellers need to mind when traveling through Turkey. 

Can I transit in Turkey now? 

Yes, people of all nationalities can transit through Turkey without any restrictions.

Do I need a transit visa?

All passengers who transit through Turkey are required to carry applicable visa/documentation for the destination country. However, if passengers do not intend to leave the airport during their transit, they do not need a transit visa.

If they belong to one of the countries with a visa-free agreement with Turkey, they will not need to apply for a transit visa.

As for passengers who plan on leaving the airport during the transit and entering Turkey, they’ll need to prepare:

How do I get a Turkish transit visa?

Most nations’ citizens can apply for a transit visa in Turkey online. 

You’ll first need to submit an online form that will require information on your identity, nationality and the purpose of your trip to Turkey. Once completed, you’ll be given the time and date of your visa interview at the embassy.

On the day of your interview, you’ll need to carry a few documents:

  • a completed Turkish transit visa application form, travel insurance, proof of occupational status, etc.
  • passport or another travel document valid for at least another six months on the date you reach Turkey
  • two identical photos that comply with the Turkish visa photo requirements.
  • proof of income or savings. You should submit proof that you have enough money for your stay/transit in Turkey and in your destination country. You should have about €50 for every day you plan to spend in Turkey.
  • proof of purchased travel medical insurance.
  • onward Ticket. Present proof of the ticket for the airplane that will take you to your destination country.
  • visa for your final destination. Present a visa or other document that authorizes you to enter your destination country, if applicable.
  • proof of accommodation in Turkey. This could be a hotel booking or a letter of invitation from the host in Turkey.
  • Police Clearance Certificate. This document should show that you have not been involved in any criminal activities in recent years.

How much is Turkish transit visa?

Turkish transit visa fee varies depending on your nationality, ranging from $15 to $80.


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