In 1971, many Emirati soldiers gave up their lives during the battle of Greater Tunb to unite the seven separate states into one thriving nation. This historical moment was made possible by the rulers of the Emirates, who signed a unification agreement to create the United Arab Emirates.

UAE Commemoration Day 2024 date

Commemoration Day in the UAE is marked with a moment of silence and is expected to occur on Saturday, 30 November. It will be observed as a public holiday on Sunday, 01 December.

UAE Commemoration Day 2024 public holiday

While the official date for Commemoration Day is Saturday, 30 November. However, in recent years, it has become customary to designate the following day as a public holiday. This practice will continue in 2024, and Sunday, December 1st, will be observed as a public holiday.

As a result, Commemoration Day initiates three consecutive days of public holidays in December. This is swiftly followed by UAE National Day on 02 December, granting employees public leave on both Monday and Tuesday.

UAE Commemoration Day significance

Commemoration Day is an annual observance designed to acknowledge the commitment and selflessness of both the UAE’s military personnel and civilians, paying tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving their nation. The following day after Commemoration Day is UAE National Day, which signifies the historic moment when the seven emirates united to form the United Arab Emirates, led by the esteemed late Sheikh Zayed, often referred to as the Father of the UAE.

How to celebrate Commemoration Day in UAE?

Annually, the UAE observes a countrywide one-minute pause to honor the memory of individuals who sacrificed their lives in service to the nation.

The precise timing for the one-minute period of silence for 2024 has not been officially announced yet. Please refer to this section for updates, as it will be promptly updated once the official information is released.


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