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Updated October 2023

Airplanes have undoubtedly brought about significant changes and simplifications to our lives. However, the increased dependence on air travel has sometimes resulted in higher prices during peak seasons. This trend can present challenges for travelers. The dynamic nature of airfares can make it difficult for travelers to determine costs and plan their budgets in advance.

In this context, the UAE-India passenger ship service presents an alternative mode of travel. With its fixed prices and generous luggage allowance, it offers a cost-efficient and convenient option, particularly for those who frequently travel between the two countries. Find a trusted companion in Wego to navigate you through the newly proposed plan for ship travel between UAE and India.

UAE-India ship service

The UAE is home to a significant Indian population, with a massive 3.5 million Indians making up a large part of the UAE’s entire population of 9 million. Managing and addressing their needs requires meticulous planning and considerable effort from both nations.

Statistically, a significant proportion of these Indians hail from the southern part of India, particularly Kerala. They frequently travel between the two countries, not for leisure but for family and work commitments. Hence, a cost-efficient and convenient mode of travel could be beneficial in meeting their needs.

The UAE-India ship project is being actively pursued and followed by the Sharjah Indian Association in collaboration with a private company, Ananthapuri Shipping and Logistics Private Limited. They aim to launch the service before the school break in December to garner a significant inaugural reception and positive word-of-mouth.

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UAE-India ship travel price

The cost of travel on the UAE-India ship is designed to be affordable and cost-effective. While the exact prices are yet to be announced, it’s expected that ticket prices will range between AED 442 (INR 10,000) and 663 (INR 15,000), depending on the travel time.

UAE-India ship travel time

The UAE-India passenger ship service is designed to provide a convenient and efficient mode of travel between the two countries. The journey is expected to take roughly three days. This is significantly shorter compared to the time it would take to ship goods by freighter, which can take up to a month

UAE-India ship routes

The UAE-India passenger ship service is being planned with two structured travel routes tailored to meet passenger traffic demand.

  • UAE to Kochi, Kerala: The first route is from the UAE to Kochi, Kerala. Kochi is one of the largest ports in India and serves as a major hub for trade and travel.
  • UAE to Beypore, Kozhikode: The second route leads to Beypore, a port in Kozhikode. Beypore serves as a central hub for migrants to the Arab nations.

Additionally, there are plans to introduce a route to Vizhinjam, another city in Kerala. This expansion will further enhance the connectivity between the UAE and India, providing more options for travelers.

UAE-India ship advantages

The UAE-India passenger ship service offers several significant advantages for travelers. The ship is designed to accommodate up to 1,250 passengers at a time, making it a large-scale operation capable of serving a substantial number of travelers simultaneously.

One of the most notable benefits is the generous luggage allowance. Each passenger is allowed to bring up to 200 kg of luggage during the trip. This represents a substantial advantage compared to air travel, where passengers often encounter a detailed process and incur additional charges for every extra kilogram of baggage.

These advantages make the UAE-India passenger ship service an appealing choice for individuals who frequently travel between the UAE and India for work or family commitments.


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