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Updated 7 October 2021

Expo 2020 Dubai is finally here! The must-see world fair opens its doors to visitors on 1 October and every participating nation is looking forward to conveying their ideas and vision of a better tomorrow through their respective pavilions. 

Here are 5 things you must know about the UAE pavilion prior to your visit.

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UAE pavilion

As the host nation, the UAE extends its welcome to visitors through its pavilion located in the Opportunity District within walking distance of the Al Wasl Dome. The UAE Pavilion’s majestic structure is clearly inspired by the falcon, the country’s heraldic animal. The steel plumage of the pavilion is sure to become one of the design highlights at Expo 2020. 

Land of dreamers who do

At its core, the UAE Pavilion focuses on showcasing inspiring stories stemming from the belief that the future of nations solely depends on its people. The value and culture of the UAE as a nation lies in the fact that harmony and unity are essential to living in a land home to people from more than 190 countries.

As the nation’s founding father had envisioned, the history and future of the UAE continue to be defined by fostering greatness from humble beginnings. Thus the legacy of the UAE as the land of dreamers who do will continue to be enshrined in the hearts and minds of its people.

Multisensory experience

The stories of the UAE are retold to visitors in the pavilion by utilizing an immersive multisensory experience. The use of historical pictures, videos, and even artificial sand dunes provide the sensation of stepping back in time to where it all started for the UAE. 

The experience also highlights the people’s hospitality, tolerance and affinity towards coexistence. It is hoped that by partaking in the experience, visitors would be able to learn and acquire a deeper understanding of the values and heritage of the people of the UAE.

The falcon takes flight

The nation’s heraldic animal, the falcon, has long been regarded by the people as a noble creature blessed with strength, agility, and courage. Thus, the falcon serves as the perfect symbol of a country ever striving to reach new heights.  

The UAE Pavilion has been successful in capturing the people’s reverence of the noble beast. The structure spans 15,000 square meters and offers a symbolic representation of flight through its 28 floating and movable wings making up the pavilion’s roof.

Beyond aesthetics

In line with one of the themes of the Expo, the UAE Pavilion incorporates practices of environmental sustainability as the main driving force behind its design. While the wings are aesthetically pleasing, they actually serve a more important purpose as they provide protection for the solar panels against the elements. 

During the day, the wings are opened allowing the solar panels to harvest as much solar energy as possible before transferring it into the main power grid. Should the weather deteriorates, the wings are closed to ensure the solar panels would be protected against rain or sandstorm.

UAE pavilion is open daily

The UAE Pavilion is open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM daily. Friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand for visitors to the pavilion for the duration of Expo 2020 Dubai.