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Updated April 2023

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has long been a coveted destination for job seekers worldwide, thanks to its abundance of employment opportunities, a welcoming environment, and an excellent quality of life. Moreover, the country has now added another feather to its cap with the launch of the Second Salary program by National Bonds.

The program allows employees in the UAE to earn extra money with minimal effort. If you are interested, keep reading to find out more about the program!

What is the UAE Second Salary program?

The Second Salary program is a savings solution launched by National Bonds in the UAE to generate supplementary income for the country’s national and expat population. The plan has two phases – the saving phase and the income phase.

In the saving phase, customers place money into National Bonds every month for a period of their choosing between 3 and 10 years. In the subsequent income phase, the customer begins drawing income every month, receiving their base investment amount monthly plus their accumulated profit. The plan offers customers complete flexibility over the amount and tenure of the savings and salary phases. Customers can also choose to redeem their savings as a lump sum instead of monthly payments.

Additionally, customers have the opportunity to boost their financial well-being with rewards and cash prizes from National Bonds.

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Under the Second Salary program, customers can increase their savings by 50%. For example, if a customer commits to a monthly deposit of AED 5,000 for ten years, they can receive monthly payments of AED 7,500 for the following ten years. Alternatively, if a customer deposits AED 5,000 per month for five years but opts to withdraw it within the next three years, they could receive AED 10,020 per month.

That is not all. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, National Bonds offers customers the opportunity to win rewards worth AED 35 million through their rewards program. The chance of winning is closely tied to the length of time a customer saves their money. The rewards program significantly enhances the chances of winning by up to 30 times, based on the length of the savings term they choose. This means that the longer a customer saves their money, the higher their chances of winning exciting rewards and cash prizes from National Bonds.

The rewards offered include various bond prizes and 16 luxury cars, with prizes ranging from two prizes of AED 1 million every quarter for Emiratis and expats. Additionally, there are over 423,000 prizes available each year, including special prizes for women, minors, and regular savers, resulting in a total of AED 35 million in rewards that can be won annually.


To summarize, the benefits of the Second Salary program are as follows:

  • the program offers a low monthly minimum investment of just AED 1,000
  • the program offers the opportunity to earn monthly income through the income phase of the program
  • the program offers a competitive expected profit rate of 4.07% per annum, reinvested monthly, for the whole duration of the customer’s tenor
  • customers have up to 30 times draw chances in National Bonds’ AED 35 million rewards program, with significantly enhanced chances of winning based on the length of the savings term they choose
  • the subscription fee is waived if the customer holds the investment until maturity
  • the program offers a lump-sum investment option to boost monthly income
  • customers have flexibility in selecting their saving period tenor as well as income period tenor
  • customers also have the flexibility to redeem their full amount after 90 days, providing them with added financial security


The Second Salary program is open to both national and expat populations in the UAE. Customers need to place a minimum monthly investment of AED 1,000 for a minimum period of 3 years to participate in the program.

You can either apply online or visit National Bonds’ branches across the UAE to open an account and start investing in the Second Salary program.

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