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Updated June 2024

The UAE provides a vibrant and diverse job market that offers plentiful opportunities across various industries. With its tax-free income system and competitive salaries, it attracts professionals from around the globe who seek career advancement and a higher standard of living. As a result, the UAE is often considered an ideal destination for individuals looking to enhance their careers.

For those beginning their professional journey in the UAE, obtaining a temporary work permit is a crucial step in entering the country’s job market. To assist you in this process, Wego presents its comprehensive guide to obtaining a temporary work permit in the UAE.

UAE temporary work permit latest news

The UAE has launched the second phase of the Work Bundle platform, significantly reducing the time needed to process work permits and residency visas from 30 days to just five days. This platform, developed by several government ministries and authorities, aims to simplify the hiring and renewal processes for businesses across all seven emirates. Initially rolled out in Dubai, the platform now serves around 600,000 companies and over seven million workers.


Work Bundle consolidates eight different procedures into a single, streamlined service, including the issuance of work permits, visas, and Emirates IDs, as well as medical exams. By asking for basic information only once, the platform reduces redundancy and speeds up service delivery. Currently, companies and employees can access Work Bundle through, with a mobile app expected to launch soon. This initiative reflects the UAE’s commitment to enhancing efficiency and reducing bureaucracy in government services.

UAE temporary work permit

The UAE temporary work permit enables job seekers to legally work for an employer for a duration of six months. This permit is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) in the UAE. A temporary work permit allows companies in the UAE to hire a worker for a specific period to complete a particular job. Temporary work permit applicants can be sponsored by either their employer or their family members residing in the UAE.

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UAE temporary work permit benefits

As previously mentioned, the UAE work permit offers jobseekers the opportunity to work for a UAE-based company for a maximum duration of six months. This experience provides individuals with exposure to the dynamic business culture of the UAE.

Furthermore, a temporary work permit can act as a valuable stepping stone for individuals, as it allows them to showcase their skills and capabilities to potential employers, potentially leading to long-term employment opportunities in the UAE.

UAE temporary work permit documents required

The following documents are required for the temporary work permit:

  • recent personal photo of the sponsored person with a white background
  • copy of the sponsor’s and sponsored person’s passport
  • health insurance
  • offer of employment from the relevant entity
  • academic certificate of the sponsored person
  • copy of the sponsor’s and sponsored person’s residency visa
  • no objection certificate from the current sponsor
  • contract signed by both parties in Arabic

UAE temporary work permit application process

You can apply for a temporary work permit by following the steps below:

  • log in to the system so you may start the service
  • fill in the application data, where applicable
  • attach relevant documents
  • pay the service fee (if any)

You can also apply through offline channels such as the Customer Happiness Center or Amer Service Center. The steps to apply at these centers are as follows:

  • visit the nearest Customer Happiness Center or Amer Center during their operating hours. Typically, Amer centers operate from Sunday to Thursday, 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM, and on Fridays from 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 04:00 PM to 08:00 PM
  • obtain an automated turn ticket and wait for your turn
  • submit the application along with all the required documents (if any) to the customer service employee
  • pay the applicable service fee (if any)

UAE temporary work permit cost

The fee for issuing a temporary work permit is AED 300. A value-added tax of 5% is levied on it. If the applicant’s sponsor is inside the country, the following additional fees apply:

  • knowledge dirham: AED 10
  • innovation dirham: AED 10

Please note that the total amount may vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the sponsored person or for any other reasons.

UAE temporary work permit processing time

The temporary work permit is issued within 5 days.

UAE temporary work permit cancellation

Upon completion of the worker’s temporary work period, it is the employer’s responsibility to cancel the work permit for the employee. During the cancellation process, the employer must ensure that all the worker’s entitlements have been paid. The cancellation form requires the signature of the worker.

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