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Reviewed March 2024

The United Kingdom has long been a captivating destination for tourists worldwide, offering diverse landscapes and experiences for all preferences. Welcoming over 80 countries without the need for a visa, travelers from these nations can seamlessly journey into this monarchic realm, where centuries of history effortlessly meld with a vibrant contemporary life, promising awe-inspiring experiences at every turn.

Below, Wego has compiled a comprehensive list of countries, including their restrictions and travel procedures for visiting the UK without requiring a visa.

UK visa-free countries list

The following is a list of countries and territories that can enter the United Kingdom visa-free:


Andorra France Lithuania San Marino
Austria Germany Luxembourg Seychelles
Belgium Greece Malta Slovakia
Bulgaria Hungary Monaco Slovenia
Croatia Iceland Netherlands Spain
Czech Republic Ireland Norway Sweden
Denmark Italy Poland Switzerland
Estonia Latvia Portugal Vatican City
Finland Liechtenstein Romania

The Americas

Antigua and Barbuda British Virgin Islands (A British Overseas Territory) Mexico Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Argentina Canada Nicaragua Trinidad and Tobago
Bahamas Chile Panama United States
Barbados Costa Rica Paraguay Uruguay
Belize Grenada Saint Kitts and Nevis
Brazil Guatemala Saint Lucia


Brunei Darussalam Japan Maldives
Hong Kong Macau Singapore
Israel Malaysia South Korea


Botswana Mauritius


Australia Marshall Islands Palau Tonga
Federated States of Micronesia Nauru Samoa Tuvalu
Kiribati New Zealand Solomon Islands

Citizens from the listed countries can visit the UK for up to six months. However, conducting thorough research regarding your country’s specific visa restrictions and allowances in the UK is advisable. You can address any inquiries by visiting the official government website.

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UK visa-free countries requirements

Citizens from the mentioned countries can visit the United Kingdom if they meet the standard requirements for a regular visitor visa. These requirements typically include having a passport with a validity of at least six months upon arrival, demonstrating sufficient funds to cover the trip, and providing evidence of plans to leave the UK after the visit, among other criteria.

UK visa-free countries for refugees

If a passenger holds an official refugee travel document issued by the United Kingdom, they can enter the UK without needing a visa. However, if they possess any other non-national or refugee travel document, a visa is still required for their visit to the UK.

UK visa waiver countries 2024

The United Kingdom government is updating its visa-free travel policies by implementing the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system. This change may impact countries that were previously exempt from visa requirements, as they may now need to obtain an ETA before traveling to the UK. For additional information, please consult our dedicated article linked below.

UK Visa Waiver: Countries Eligible for Electronic Visa Waiver



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