US To Jordan Travel Restrictions, Flights News & Travel Ban In 2021 – Advisory & Requirements

This page was last updated on 03 November, 2021.


At a Glance

Most travelers from United States are allowed to enter Jordan, but there are restrictions.
Source: Jordanian Tourism Board

Jordan: Open for Travel

Travel is allowed with restrictions
Travelers who are nationals of selected countries are allowed to enter Jordan by air. Please check the documentation, quarantine and/or testing requirements before traveling.

Source: Jordanian Tourism Board


No quarantine required
Travelers are not required to quarantine upon arrival in Jordan.

Travelers who test positive upon arrival must quarantine for a period of 7 days and take a PCR test on the 7th day of quarantine at their own expense.

Source: Jordan Ministry of Health

COVID-19 test not required

Mandatory COVID-19 test is not required on arrival for vaccinated travelers
Fully vaccinated travelers from selected countries are not required to present a negative RT-PCR COVID test on arrival.

Source: Visit Jordan

Masks are required

Masks are mandatory in public
Travelers must wear masks in public places and on public transportation.

Source: Jordan Ministry of Health

Required Documents for your Trip

Mandatory proof of vaccination
Vaccinated travelers arriving from selected countries must have a vaccination certificate issued either by these countries or issued by Jordan. The certificate must show that they have completed the full course of a COVID-19 vaccine. A vaccine certificate is required in Arabic or English only, and it must be presented at the check-in counter before departure either as a hardcopy or electronic copy.

Source: Jordanian Tourism Board
Mandatory health declaration form
Travelers must complete a health declaration form before traveling to Jordan. They must present the QR code to the airline.

Details and Exemptions:This requirement does not apply to:
-Travelers under the age of 5.

Source: Jordanian Tourism Board
Document: Complete online
Mandatory health insurance
Travelers are required to have valid health insurance with COVID-19 coverage for the entire period of the intended visit.

Details and Exemptions:This requirement does not apply to:
-Jordanian residents and citizens;
-Medical tourism patients.

Source: US Embassy for Jordan