US To Reunion Travel Restrictions, Flights News & Travel Ban In 2021 – Advisory & Requirements

This page was last updated on 29 October, 2021.


At a Glance

Most travelers from United States are allowed to enter Reunion, but there are restrictions.
Source: Réunionese Government

Reunion: Open for Travel

Travel is allowed with restrictions for vaccinated travelers
Travelers who are fully vaccinated are allowed to enter Reunion. Please check the documentation, quarantine, and/or testing requirements before traveling.

Source: Réunionese Government


No quarantine required for vaccinated travelers
Vaccinated travelers are not required to quarantine on arrival in Reunion.

Source: Réunionese Government

COVID-19 test required

Proof of negative COVID-19 test results
Travelers must have a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test result taken a maximum of 72 hours before departure or a COVID-19 antigen test taken a maximum of 48 hours before departure to Reunion.

Details and Exemptions:This requirement does not apply to:
-Travelers under the age of 11.
Source: Réunionese Government

Masks are required

Masks are mandatory in public
Travelers aged 11 years and older must wear masks in enclosed public places. Travelers are recommended to wear masks in open public places.

Source: Government of Reunion

Required Documents for your Trip

Mandatory proof of vaccination
Travelers who are fully vaccinated must present a vaccination certificate of complete vaccination schedule before departure. This certificate can be presented via the TousAntiCovid application or as a printed hardcopy.

Details and Exemptions:Travelers are considered to be fully vaccinated if 2 weeks have passed after the 2nd dose for Pfizer, Moderna, and Astra Zeneca, or 4 weeks have passed after a single dose of Johnson & Johnson, or 2 weeks have passed after vaccination with a single dose for people who have had COVID-19.

Source: Réunionese Government
Document: Get Android app
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Mandatory health pass for public activity
Travelers over the age of 17 will require a health pass to cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, retirement homes, medico-social establishments, places of leisure and culture, to travel by plane, train, and coach for long-distance journeys.

The health pass consists of digital (via TousAntiCovid app) or paper proof of one of the following:
-Proof of vaccination. Travelers with foreign vaccination certificates may upload their certificate in advance in the French COVID certificate platform (please check “see instructions” for more details);
-Proof of a negative test a maximum of the last 72 hours. Foreign nationals must take a test in France, which will generate a temporary QR code valid for 72 hours;
-Recovery from COVID-19 dated at least 11 days ago in the previous 6 months.

Please see the source for instructions regarding setup and document uploads.

Source: Government of Reunion
Mandatory passenger locator form
Travelers are required to have a contact-tracing assistance form to enter Reunion.

Source: Reunion Airport
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