Our smartphones have become a part of our daily lives, functioning as our alarm clock, our camera, our means of research and our overall handy pocket-sized friend. It comes as no surprise that travellers are increasingly relying on their smartphones when the time comes to plan a vacation.

Travel apps come in all shapes and sizes: some are focused on providing inspiring content, others cater to flight-bookings, yet another to hotel-bookings, and another to scanning for great deals.

Wego’s smartphone app does all that, and much more. Here are six useful and unique features that will help you kickstart your vacation planning and ensure a smooth-sailing booking process.

1. Visa Free Countries

Depending on your citizenship, all passport holders will have the right to travel visa-free to a number of nations across the world. This allows you to forgo going through lengthy and troublesome visa application procedures. If you fancy a spontaneous trip, or if you just don’t think you’ll have the time to apply for a visa, Wego’s app contains a great feature called Visa-Free Countries to help you out. All you have to do is input your passport’s nationality, and the app will give you a list of countries you can travel to without a visa. Other filtering options include countries that allow you to apply for a visa upon arrival, or countries you can travel to with an Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA). This feature can save you valuable time and money, and also open up destination options you didn’t know you had before.

2. Weekend Getaways

This feature provides you with a curated list of cities perfect for a quick weekend getaway. This is especially useful when you realise you forgot to plan for a long-weekend and don’t want to waste your work-free days just lounging around at home. Alternatively, this feature also comes in handy if you just want to get out of the country for a quick revitalising break away from the stress-inducing humdrum of everyday life. Or perhaps you’re looking to plan a surprise vacation for a couple’s getaway with your significant other. Whatever your reasons may be, the Weekend Getaways feature has got your back. This feature assists with planning for the coming weekend, next weekend, or the weekend after

3. Trip Ideas

If you have a general idea of the type of trip you might like to take, but need a little more curation to your ideas, Trip Ideas will provide you with that extra inspiration you need to decide on your next destination. This feature categorises locations based on different travelling styles, themes and concepts. If your ideal vacation involves sunbathing on toasty sand under the hot sun, all you have to do is select the “Beach” tab for a list of prime locations suited to a beach vacation. Alternatively, if you desire to travel somewhere with an amorous atmosphere for your anniversary or your honeymoon, select the “Romantic” tab and you will find a list of destinations fit for your couple’s getaway. Other trip ideas include “Family-Friendly”—for family vacations, “Nature”—for those seeking a nature getaway, and ”Halal Friendly”—for those with religious dietary needs, among other themes.

4. Popular Destinations

The Popular Destinations feature is one of the first things you see upon launching the Wego App. This feature reveals the destinations popular among Wego’s users in your area, and also shows you the estimated lowest fares for a round trip to those locations.

Travel trends come and go, cities might be popular for a year, and shunned by travellers the next. This feature ensures that you will always have a selection from the cream of the crop when it comes to your next holiday destination.

5. Offers

Who doesn’t like a good offer? Explore the whole Offer section on Wego’s app dedicated to helping you land the best deals. Vacations can be expensive and this feature is great for those hoping to save some cash on their glob-trotting adventures. Although Wego primarily assists with booking flights and accommodations, offers on other lifestyle and travel recreational activities based on your location are featured on the Offers section of the app as well. Find and filter for great deals on tours and activities, shopping trips, restaurant and bars, health and wellness sessions and, of course, for flights and accommodations as well.

6. Price Alerts

Another nifty feature the Wego app boasts is the ability to set price alerts for potential trips. With advanced filtering options based on your budget, desired location, type of ticket and preferred travel dates, you can enable the app to send you a notification, locally, or via email, when the deals matching your chosen perimeters appear. This is a great feature if you’re on a tight budget and are hoping to snatch up some tickets when the price is right. Wego compares over 700+ travel sites in a moment to find you the best airplane tickets without any hidden costs.

Cast off your worries and install the Wego App for a smooth travel-planning experience!