Wego, has unveiled the latest data on the trending international and domestic destinations for travellers from the Middle East and India.Wego’s data highlights the resurgent wanderlust of Saudi travellers.

Cairo, Istanbul, Dubai, Jakarta, and Lahore take the lead as the most popular international destinations from Saudi Arabia in 2023 so far. On the domestic front, Jeddah leads the way, followed by Riyadh, Dammam, Abha, and Medina.

Travellers from Kuwait are eager to explore the world once more, with Cairo topping the list of international destinations for Kuwait travellers, immediately followed by Istanbul, Amman, Chennai, and Jeddah.

As global travel makes a strong comeback, Dubai and Kuwait top the list of preferred international destinations for Indian travellers in 2023. On the domestic front, New Delhi emerges as the top choice for Indian tourists, while Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, and Kolkata all feature as favorite domestic getaways.

Meanwhile, for Egyptian travellers, Kuwait and Jeddah are highly favored as top international destinations due to convenient accessibility and a wide range of attractions, as per Wego’s 2023 data. On the domestic front, Cairo takes the lead as the most popular choice, along with Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Aswan, and Luxor.