Sometimes, when talking to friends about where we work, we get asked some interesting questions about Wego. Most frequently we’re asked if Wego is an online travel agent. Let me assure you that’s exactly what we are not!

It struck me upon receiving an email from our fearless leader, CEO Ross Veitch, on a trip to Dubai recently that some may not understand exactly how Wego works. I thought I’d share with you Ross’s email which I think sums Wego up very simply and succinctly, and also shows you how much we use our own product!

“So I needed a hotel in Dubai for 4 nights next week.

I asked our new market representative where he recommended I stay. He recommended the Taj Palace Dubai. Best rate he could get is US$190.

I’m attending the Arabian Travel Market event which has “special” negotiated rates for delegates. The best rate they had for the Taj is US$165.

On Wego and on the direct rate is US$208 but Wego shows Newshan and Hoteltravel at US$153.
So Wego just saved me US$55/night x 4 nights = $220!!”

That’s it my friends, Wego is a travel metasearch engine which means our brilliant technology trawls the internet and cuts through the hype, ads and flashing lights to bring you the lowest and best value travel deals that exist anywhere on the planet. Once you find it, you then go directly to the site that is offering that deal and book direct. No fees, no fuss.

The term metasearch is defined as a search tool that sends requests to several search engines and aggregates the results into a single list, which we do on over 35 localised Wego country sites. That makes it even easier because you get to see where others in your neighbourhood are flying to and staying at, as we list what’s popular with other travellers in your country too.

We have some of the world’s most technical minds consistently exploring new ways to make finding flights, hotels, packages and deals even easier to find. We even have a dedicated deal queen who updates the sites weekly with the best travel finds in your region!

That’s Wego! We’re here to help you save time, pay less and travel more!

If you ever need any help or have any questions, or would like to know more about Wego, drop me a line at [email protected].