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With vaccination drives ramping up across the world, progress being made on certifying travellers’ vaccination status, and countries being a lot more receptive to welcoming tourists, there’s now a soaring hope for international travel to return to normalcy. 

Consequently, the term ‘revenge travel’ may likely be a trend throughout the summer season of 2021 and beyond. The term essentially means, after being cooped up for essentially a year, travellers the world over are now beginning to plan longer, further and more expensive vacations in retaliation to the dreary and lengthy coronavirus quarantine.

That said, here’s what we think revenge travel will look like post COVID-19

How travellers will decide their destination


While travellers are understandably antsy to get back out there, in light of the heightened awareness brought about by the pandemic, they will inevitably consider the following:

  • Is the virus spreading where they live?
  • Is the virus spreading where they want to go?

Even if travellers have dutifully been vaccinated for the coronavirus prior to their travels,  most will likely practice care in the weeks leading to their departure. The destination countries may even mandate them to do so with mask-wearing and social distancing rules. 

Travellers will also consciously avoid destinations with high community transmission rates and places that will put their health at a higher risk. 

Prices will initially be low, but not for long   

Responding to the pandemic scare, airlines will still operate in a reduced demand scenario, meaning that flight tickets will initially be available at lower rates. To sweeten the deal, flights and hotels have also been offering flexible cancellation and reschedule policies.

However, with greater confidence from the global vaccination campaign and the intent for travelling steadily rising, the demand for flight tickets and hotel reservations will inevitably surge, and with it, increased prices.

So, enterprising travellers may look into securing their flights and hotels before spring 2021 ends—right about now—both to catch up on their globetrotting and to take full advantage of the lower rates and generous policies. 

More travel purchases

People will continue to be mindful of their health and safety in a post-pandemic reality. In regards to travelling, this will mean face masks, hand sanitizers, antibacterial wipes and so on will practically be mandatory items and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Additionally, as revenge travel means releasing the urge to travel by going on longer and farther trips, some travel accessories may be warranted to make those long flights a lot more bearable. 

While most people have been saving a good deal of money due to travel cancelations and restrictions, many initially will still be cautious about spending as the economy is being rebuilt all around the world. In response to this, expect your favorite e-commerce and coupon website to dole out deals on hygiene and travel-related items to encourage customers to jump on the revenge travel frenzy.

Hygiene is the name of the game

Some will argue that the means of staying healthy and hygienic adopted during the pandemic should have been the standard all along, and both the hotel and hospitality industry have no choice but to comply.

While choosing between hotels and vacation rentals the likes of a furnished apartment, house or condominium comes with its own set of pros and cons, the majority of travellers will initially gravitate toward trusted hotel brands.

Throughout the pandemic, the hotel industry has rightly viewed and emphasized the importance of a framework ensuring cleanliness and hygiene standards.  In this regard, brand-name hotels have a clear competitive edge over vacation rentals as they’ve been heavily marketing their safety and hygiene protocols since last year.

Good thing too since we know for a fact that the coronavirus is not the only pathogen out there.

The great outdoors will be trending


Being housebound for pretty much the whole of 2020 has left many travellers thirsting for wide-open spaces. Therefore, many will likely heed the call of the wild and make plans to visit the great outdoors this year.  It makes for a good social distancing effort, too.

However, do keep in mind that outdoor destinations may still likely draw clusters of like-minded visitors as many will prefer to stay out in the open on their long-awaited vacation. Remember to always mind your distance and wear your protective gear.