Have you ever wondered what kind of a traveler you are? The Photo Lover, who wants to view every destination through the lens of his new camera or maybe, the fashionista traveler, setting new holiday trends in every vacation? Every traveler seeks a holiday destination with a prior priority in mind and each one, also views different places in varying perspectives.

While the beautiful backdrop of a Himalayan mountain might serve as a muse to a nature-lover, the royal heritage of Hampi might be a more attractive deal to a luxury traveler. While the vibes of Goa might enchant a party-lover, the affordable streets of Wayanad would work the same magic on a budget traveler. Each place aligns with the kind of travel experience you want to achieve.

Still, haven’t discovered what kind of a traveler you are? Worry not! Here we have a list of 10 types of travelers and places each one can visit.


Nature Lover  

If what you look for in your perfect destination are translucent lakes, impressive mountains, enchanting forests or quiet beaches, you know nature holds a special place in your heart. You like to spend your days taking nature walks, exploring the countryside or just being in the awe of glorious  Rather than flying to the most popular cities, you would rather choose to land in an offbeat, untouched destination with lush green or snowy white backdrop seeking solace and inner peace.  

Valentin Salja

Places to Visit: Gurudongmar Lake (North Sikkim), Zanskar River (Leh-Ladakh), Gangtok(Sikkim), Gokarna (Karnataka), Kudremukh (Karnataka), Majuli (Assam)


The Thrill Seekers

If you go on a trip and you don’t get at least one adrenaline rush, you fall under adrenaline junkies and daredevils. You will not find these people on a beach in Goa or checking out the infinity pool at the hotel. Travel far and wide to find the world’s highest bungee jump, the world’s tallest mountain (which they then proceed to climb), the thrill of freefall (Skydiving) and pretty much anything extreme and perhaps previously unheard of. 

Vincentiu Solomon

Places to Visit: River Rafting & Bungee Jumping (Rishikesh), Dirt Biking (Wayanad), Scuba Diving (Andaman & Nicobar Islands), Rappeling & Boulder Climb(Hampi)


Solo Travellers 

The solo wanderer yearns for independence and seeks to explore new depths in each vacation. If you feel like trekking solo in Himalayan treks or roaming the colorful streets of Gangtok, you are a solo wanderer.

Jérémie Crémer

Some people realize the essence of traveling alone and choose to hit the road only with their own company.  There’s nothing like the freedom of traveling on your own terms and discovering a new ‘you’ at every turn. Do what you want, when you want to. No accountability, no reigns. Rather than traveling to a country’s number one destination, you like to explore a city that is often overlooked and feel amazed that a place so special hasn’t been discovered yet by the crowds.

This year, as you set out for your solo journey, do check out these places to put your inner lone wolf to action.

Places to Visit: Tso Moriri(Ladakh), Auli (Chamoli), Varkala (Kerala), Dhanaulti (Near Mussoorie)


Budget Travellers 

If your trip is more about saving than experiencing fancy things and you tend to be the most frugal of these different types of travelers, then might be the super saver. While others are planning to eat out in fine restaurants and engage in luxurious activities, super-savers are looking for lip-smacking street food and DIY activities. They do not mind saving a few pennies on the vacation and still indulge in the best experiences.

Places to Visit: McLeodganj (Himachal), Darjeeling (West Bengal), Pondicherry (Puducherry), Meghalaya (North-East)



If you are one to fall under this category, you know you want to put your adventurous spirit to rest and interact with the beautiful culture of every place that you visit. Places like Kanyakumari and Darjeeling offer just the right environment- warm locals, cheap thrills, scenic beauty, and beautiful cultures- to make your backpacking trip worth every moment.

Austin Distel

They quite literally travel far and travel light. They refused to be burdened with convention and rules and indulge themselves in every opportunity available. Besides being budget-friendly, backpacking also serves the purpose of being convenient. You learn to travel with what you need, rather than what you want.

Places to Visit: Goa, Dharamshala (Himachal), Sunderbans, Holi Celebrations in Vrindavan


Food Traveller  

Local cuisine plays a big part in the decision-making process when you’re planning a getaway. Of course, the destination matters, yet what you’re really looking forward to is that extensive breakfast, tasty lunch or gastronomic dinner prepared with local ingredients.

Lisheng Chang

Places to Visit: Hyderabad for Shahi Biriyani, Old Delhi for Chole Kulche, Kerala for traditional fried kareemeen, Street Food in Mumbai


The Party Animal 

The most vibrant of these different types of travelers and those that enjoy letting loose and being where the party is, A party animal is one that describes party-goer who find the perfect party spot and loves to dance until the wee hours of the night. They are in search of those destinations that have vibrant party scenes. Loud music, drinks, and clubs are what the party animals are looking for wherever they go. 

Tony Pham

Places to Visit: Goa, Bengaluru, Secluded vibes of Gokarna, Pune, Gurugram


Passionate Photographer 

No matter where you are going and who is your company, you are always ready to capture each and every moment of the trip. Be it landscape, scenery, people or food, the passionate photographers never shy away from clicking the best pictures. Their most important reason to go on a vacation is to capture impressive shots and make others jealous.

Alif Ngoylung

Places to Visit: Varanasi or Kashi, Khajuraho (MP), Hampi, Allepey (Kerala), Pangong Lake (Ladakh)


Luxury Traveler 

You have a taste for everything fine. And just because you are going on a trip, doesn’t mean that you are giving up on your luxurious life. Boutique hotels, fine dining restaurants, mimosa bars, and VIP access plays a major role in luxury travel. No matter where you go, you know everything about the finest experiences of that region. The hottest nightclubs, posh restaurants, high-end shopping malls are on the to-do lists while vacationing in a particular destination.

Marvin Meyer

Places to Visit: Udaipur, Jodhpur (Rajasthan), South Goa, Balloon Ride in Pushkar, Moonlight experience at the Thar Desert


Relaxation Traveler 

Whether it’s on the beach, at the pool or in a lush park, you love to unwind and take yourself away from the everyday hustle and bustle. Sleeping in, sipping cocktails, reading a good book and unrushed dinners are your ideas of a perfect getaway.

Sarah Louise Kinsella

Places to Visit: Almora, Mount Abu, Kovalam Beach (Kerala), Chalal (Himachal), Ziro (Arunachal Pradesh), Sarahan (Kinnaur)