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Updated May 2024

Working abroad offers numerous benefits, including greater exposure, broader opportunities, and higher salaries. In recent years, the workforce landscape has been dramatically altered by the pandemic, the rise of AI, global economic fluctuations, remote work trends, and geopolitical shifts.

These factors have significantly impacted various sectors worldwide. Despite these challenges, the enthusiasm for working overseas remains strong.

Read on as Wego helps you learn everything about why people are immigrating, where they are going, and the positive prospects of moving to these countries.

Why do people move to other countries or cities for work?

Individuals with specialized skills often seek environments that fully utilize and challenge their abilities. In underdeveloped or developing countries experiencing significant population growth, the labor market tends to be highly competitive. This intense competition often means that individuals with unique talents struggle to find sufficient opportunities to apply and enhance their skills.

Consider being a skilled professional eager to make a significant impact but confined to a saturated job market where your talents are underutilized. For these individuals, finding a place that values and nurtures their abilities is crucial. This often prompts them to explore opportunities beyond their borders, seeking environments where their skills are in demand, and their careers can flourish.

Migrating to another country can offer numerous benefits, including:

  • more opportunities: Some countries have a high demand for skilled workers and a limited supply. When individuals with specific skills migrate to these countries, they are often utilised effectively and gain substantial exposure in their field.
  • higher salaries: People tend to migrate to countries with stronger economies than their home countries. Given the high demand for their skills in these countries, they often receive attractive salary packages. This difference is particularly notable when compared to what they would earn in their home country due to varying levels of competition and economic conditions.
  • cultural exposure and better quality of life: Migrating offers individuals the chance to experience new lifestyles and interact with diverse groups of people. This exposure can lead to personal growth and a richer life experience.
  • supporting family: Higher salaries abroad can significantly benefit the migrant’s family back home. The remittances sent back are often substantial due to the economic disparities between countries. This not only improves the well-being of their families but also contributes positively to the home country’s economy.

There are numerous personal and environmental advantages to working in a foreign country. Now, let’s analyse some statistics to see the most popular destinations for work.

Where do people want to move to and why?

When deciding where to relocate, the primary focus is often on financial gain and career advancement. Once these are secured, other factors like a vibrant culture, a higher quality of life, and a safe environment become important. As a result, people typically target destinations with strong economic growth and thriving industries relevant to their careers.

Here are some of the top countries chosen by the majority of immigrants on average and their reasons for wanting to move there.


Australia has emerged as a top destination for immigrants seeking both work and study opportunities, surpassing traditional favourites like the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom. This trend has accelerated after the COVID-19 pandemic, with a remarkable influx of over half a million new employees between 2022 and 2023. Here’s why Australia is now a prime choice for those looking to relocate:

  • strong economy: The Australian dollar has been experiencing significant growth compared to other major currencies. This economic stability and growth mean that returns on work in Australia are often higher than in other countries offering similar opportunities.
  • comfort: As an English-speaking country, Australia allows the majority of migrants to easily integrate with locals and coworkers. Language familiarity is a crucial factor in relocation, as it eases communication and helps immigrants convey their needs and ideas effectively.
  • favourable immigration policies: Australia’s visa pathways are well-structured, making it easier for immigrants to move and settle in the country.
  • long-term settlement opportunities: Australia offers several pathways for obtaining permanent residence or citizenship. Additionally, Australia recognizes dual citizenship with over 25 countries, which is an attractive option for many immigrants.

Other factors contributing to Australia’s appeal include a low crime index, a high quality of life, and a reasonable cost of living. Together, these factors make Australia an increasingly desirable destination for immigrants.

Where are people moving to in Australia?

Sydney is undeniably the top choice for many, standing out as Australia’s most popular city. This preference is largely due to Sydney being ranked the 10th most liveable city in the world. Moreover, the city boasts hosting almost 50% of the migrating population who are not native to Australia, making it a hub for global talent and offering a diverse range of opportunities for anyone who settles there.

Another appealing destination is Melbourne, often regarded as Australia’s cultural capital. Melbourne offers many of the same advantages as Sydney and is especially attractive to those with a passion for creativity and the arts.

Following Sydney and Melbourne, other popular options include Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, and Hobart.

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The United States

The United States of America, the global superpower, has always been an immensely prosperous country attracting ambitious workers seeking career growth and exposure across various fields. Several factors contribute to America’s enduring position at the forefront:

  • image: the allure of working in America is a powerful psychological goal for many aspiring workers. This aspiration might seem trivial, but it holds significant value for individuals looking to explore opportunities in other countries.
  • high-quality job opportunities: The USA consistently ranks at the top for the quality of job opportunities it offers, attracting individuals aiming for career advancement and economic prosperity.
  • innovation and digitization: America is renowned for its commitment to innovation and digitization, which adds to its appeal for skilled professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • English-speaking global hub: As an English-speaking global hub, the USA offers seamless integration with locals, making it a prime destination for talent from around the world. Here, your skills and strengths are constantly showcased, increasing the likelihood of being discovered by talent scouts.
  • better lifestyle: Immigrating to America provides families with enhanced opportunities, particularly in terms of education for children. Exposure to the best educational resources offers children a broader perspective and enriching experiences during their formative years.

Beyond these factors, America’s allure is enhanced by its extensive size, diverse states, and varied workstyles and lifestyles. While renowned for its high standard of living, safety concerns are frequently mentioned as a drawback, albeit perceptions vary among different regions and communities within the country.

Where are people moving to America?

With very low taxes, a robust economy, and favourable weather, Texas experiences a significant influx of population. The city also has a low cost of living compared to the national average, which remains a major factor in why it’s a top choice for both domestic and international migrants.

Florida is another state that attracts a significant number of people. Known for its consistently pleasant tropical climate and relatively affordable housing costs, Florida is often the preferred destination for the working class in America.

Several other states in the USA are popular for similar reasons, including South and North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Nevada, and others.

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Germany, in recent years, has earned an outstanding reputation for its public higher education institutions, which offer tuition-free education. However, many people are unaware that the country also boasts excellent job prospects. As a hub for some of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers and a prime destination for medical professionals, Germany offers abundant career opportunities. These factors have made it an increasingly attractive destination for immigrants. Here are some of the key reasons why:

  • best job opportunities: Germany has a high demand for skilled workers, and top talent is well-supported across various fields.
  • new policies: The country is rolling out new policies to support the working class and provide opportunities, including:
    • skilled workers immigration act: Simplifies the entry process for skilled workers.
    • naturalisation law: Eases the citizenship process.
    • opportunity card for Non-EU skilled jobseekers: Improves the chances of making contact with German employers and finding qualified employment.
  • strong economy and welfare systems: Germany offers unparalleled unemployment support and a robust economy, reflected in everything from work conditions to substantial government pensions.

In addition to these reasons, Germany has many other appealing features, such as an efficient transportation system, free tuition for children at higher education stages, low crime rates, and numerous cultural attractions.

Where are people moving to in Germany?

Berlin, Germany’s largest city and capital, stands out as the obvious choice when considering the country. With its sizable migrant community and inclusive atmosphere, Berlin offers a wealth of dining and recreational options, thanks to its diverse population.

Other popular options include Munich and Hamburg, each possessing their own distinctive charms reminiscent of Berlin’s

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The United Kingdom

Who could resist the allure of living in the United Kingdom, earning in pounds, and enjoying leisurely trips to Europe, just a short flight away? The United Kingdom consistently ranks among the top three choices for migrants, thanks to its status as a global influencer and promising opportunities. Several factors converge to make the prospect of relocating to the UK irresistible:

  • lifestyle and opportunities: Living in the UK is a dream for many. Despite being one of the most expensive places in the world, it offers a wide range of experiences, both professionally and personally.
  • policy changes: The attractiveness of the UK for immigrants has increased due to the introduction of new non-EU student and work visas, as well as an expansion of humanitarian visas for residents of conflict regions.
  • language: As English is the primary language, immigrants find it easier to integrate into society.
  • global network: The UK has an exceptional global network, supported by a diverse talent pool from various countries. This strong diaspora enhances connections within the Commonwealth and beyond.
  • economic opportunities: The country offers abundant economic and financial opportunities, attracting professionals from diverse backgrounds.
  • geographical access: The UK’s strategic location provides access to both European and American markets, further enhancing its appeal to immigrants.

Where are people moving to in the UK?

Certainly, London shines as the city with the highest appeal for immigration. All the aforementioned reasons can be encapsulated by a single city in the United Kingdom: London. The UK is nearly synonymous with London to the extent that individuals often refer to any part of the UK as “going to London.”

However, the potential for a conducive workspace extends beyond this city, as there are many other gems in the country, such as Manchester, Cardiff, Cambridge, Birmingham, Bristol, and Liverpool. Overall, stepping into any part of the UK feels like entering one of the premier regions globally for work opportunities.

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Many of us are drawn to the Japanese lifestyle and work culture through comics, manga, and our favourite anime. The rich Japanese culture, with its unique traditions and cuisine, is distinctly Japanese and can’t be replicated elsewhere. Numerous factors attract people to Japan, and here are a few of them:

  • opportunities for advancement: The Japanese work culture is highly focused on innovation and digitization. The system itself is designed in a way to reward hard work. Particularly with many companies having a global footprint, your contributions are widely recognized, offering substantial exposure and abundant avenues for career progression.
  • high pay: Some jobs that are common in other parts of the world, like IT and engineering, are in high demand in Japan. The country is very advanced in technology and attracts top talent from around the world with competitive salaries.
  • safety: Japan is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world, with one of the lowest crime rates. Underground illegal activities are not something you typically experience or see in Japan.

The blend of traditional Japanese culture and modernity makes Japan an excellent place to live and work. With one of the world’s most efficient and punctual public transportation systems, immaculate cities, diverse cuisines, and countless experiences throughout the country to keep you engaged, Japan is always a great choice for work.

Where are people moving to in Japan?

Tokyo, the heart of Japan, is famous for its vibrant pop culture and modern lifestyle. It is an incredibly lively city, offering an exciting place to live. The city’s dynamic environment, with people hustling and focused on their tasks, creates a motivating atmosphere for career growth.

Other great choices for living in Japan include Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka, and Sapporo.

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How easy is it to relocate to another country for work?

While there is no straightforward answer to this question, it largely depends on the destination country. However, if you secure employment with a reputable company in a nation that supports migrant workers, the process of obtaining a residence permit, transitioning, and accessing essential services and opportunities can be relatively smooth.

In many countries, governments actively encourage companies to assist foreign hires with settling in by offering support with housing, relocation logistics, language training, and more.

Therefore, when you put yourself out there and catch the eye of employers in your dream destination, chances are they’ll meet you halfway, easing your integration into their workforce and community. With various options to suit your preferences, you are free to explore the possibilities and find your perfect fit.

In a world hungry for skills and talent, nations are extending a warm welcome, offering not just jobs but also the chance to thrive personally and professionally. It’s a mutually beneficial scenario that not only enhances your life but also extends its positive impact on your loved ones and society at large.


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