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Updated 30 May 2022

The emirate of Dubai has long been an attractive destination for travellers, tourists, and just about anyone wishing to experience the grandeur and cultural highlights of this cosmopolitan city.

While Dubai’s reputation as a city given to leisure is well-founded, it is also undeniably appealing to those in search of an ideal setting to ply their trade for a number of reasons. If you’re contemplating the possibility of working from Dubai, here is everything you need to know about working from Dubai.  

Why work from Dubai?

Dubai offers the delicate balance between working in a top professional destination as well as the leisure capital of the world. As such, more and more professionals and freelancers alike are seriously considering packing their bags and relocating to this world-class destination.

Some of the advantages of working from Dubai is as follows.

Tax-free salary 

Both freelancers and professionals may enjoy significant financial freedom to a certain extent thanks to Dubai’s tax-free policy. Your salary will not be deducted by the government for the duration of your work period in Dubai. 

A multicultural working experience

Dubai is home to residents of some 190 nationalities. It’s actually one of Dubai’s more prominent appeals in that you’d be able to get to know and make friends with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Dubai is one of the havens for remote workers everywhere.

Top companies are in Dubai

Apart from being home to one of the world’s most renowned airlines, world-class companies the likes of Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and Uber are represented here. Getting a job or merely remote working from Dubai will definitely look good on your resume and carries a lot of weight


How can I work from Dubai?

If you’re looking to work from Dubai, the first step is naturally to obtain a work permit. Fortunately, the government does aim to attract talents and expertise from all over the world by way of its remote work visa. The 1-year visa allows employees, professionals, and freelancers from all over the world to legally live and work remotely from Dubai and across the UAE. 


What is a remote work visa (one year visa)?

Dubai’s one-year visa is formally known as the Virtual Working Programme (VWP). The arrangement allows holders to relocate to Dubai from outside the UAE and legally work for their current company or organization remotely. It allows foreign nationals to enter the UAE under self-sponsorship and work in line with terms and conditions issued with the visa.

The one-year visa is specifically designed to facilitate remote workers, entrepreneurs, as well as other location-independent individuals with the inclination to live and work in Dubai. Should your application to live in Dubai be approved by the UAE, you may even bring your family along.


What are the requirements?

The requirements are as follows:

If you are an employee, you need to:

  • provide proof of employment with a contract valid for one year from your current employer
  • earn a salary of minimum USD 5,000 per month
  • provide the salary slip for the last month and bank statements for the preceding three months.

If you are a company owner, you need to:

  • provide proof of ownership of company for one year or more
  • have an average monthly income of USD 5,000 per month
  • provide bank statements of the company’s account for the preceding three months.


How to apply for a Dubai remote work visa?

If you are able to meet the above requirements, you can start your application simply by filling out the online form. You will be contacted by the relevant authorities with further instructions concerning the application.


What is the fee for a remote work visa?

The fee of the one-year visa UAE is USD 287 per applicant. However, keep in mind that you are also required to obtain an insurance policy and will be liable to processing and Emirates ID fees. The total cost of obtaining the VWP is approximately USD 611. 

Please note that completing the processing fee does not guarantee approval of the application.