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Updated November 2022

Although alcohol consumption is common among spectators of each World Cup, the World Cup 2022 in Qatar will be different from all others because alcohol is strictly prohibited in Qatar, and customs officers are instructed to collect any alcohol that tourists attempt to bring into the nation.

While drinking alcohol is not illegal in Qatar, doing so in public is not condoned and is considered crime.  However, fans can rest assured as there will be some remission regarding alcoholic beverage during World Cup in Qatar 2022.

Keep reading to find out about alcohol regulation in Qatar during World Cup 2022!

Can I drink at the World Cup stadium?

During the World Cup, alcohol will not be sold at Qatari stadiums and FIFA confirmed that no alcohol would be sold within the stadium’s perimeters. Instead, there will be non-alcoholic beer and soft drinks for sale.

Where can you drink alcohol in Qatar during the World cup?

Fans may purchase alcohol from authorized hotel restaurants and bars, but only if they are older than 21, as well as during the Arcadia Festival. The Arcadia Festival is a fan area situated about two miles outside of Doha and will serve alcohol for 19 hours each day between 10 AM and 5 AM

Between 10 AM and 5 AM, there will be 19 hours a day of beer service at the Arcadia Festival, which will include a massive 50-ton fire-breathing spider. In addition to being a couple of kilometers from England’s base in Al Wakrah, the Arcadia Festival is located around two miles outside of Doha.

In addition, beer is also available at the official FIFA Fan Festival, which takes place in Al Bidda Park, in the center of Doha.

Please note that in an effort to reduce excessive drinking, tournament organizers are also limiting spectators to just four drinks.

When can I drink alcohol in Qatar during the world cup?

There will be restrictions on what times of day spectators can consume. Fans are expected to have to wait until 6:30 pm local time to drink alcohol in the fan zone.

How much will alcohol cost in Qatar during the World cup?

It will not only be tough for fans to find a drinking venue, but it will also be quite pricey.

Budweiser revealed that a 500ml cup of beer would cost £11.60, while beer and wine costs in hotels can range from £12 to £15 per bottle.


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