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Updated June 2022

World Cup 2022, the hottest event of the year is not until November this year, yet excitement levels have never been higher. Fans worldwide have already begun grabbing flight and match tickets, and the demand for both is soaring every day. 

Finding accommodation within Qatar grows more challenging every day, and fans have begun looking into housing facilities outside Qatar to stay in during World Cup. To make travelling to and from the country easier during this period, several airlines have announced everyday shuttle flights between Qatar and neighbouring countries. 

Match day shuttle flights to Doha 

There are several neighboring countries with close proximity to Doha, from where you can avail flights easily and attend the World Cup. To find out all alternative accommodations facilities outside Qatar, check out our article Alternative Bases Outside Qatar: Countries Near Qatar You Can Stay in During World Cup.

Alternative Bases Outside Qatar: Countries Near Qatar You Can Stay in During World Cup

To assist the transportation needs of people who will be staying out of the country while attending the FIFA match in Doha, several airlines have already announced every day flights between countries and special shuttle services.

Flydubai has begun shuttle service flight bookings between Dubai and Doha in November. Qatar Airways has announced partnerships with several gulf airlines, including flydubai to operate everyday shuttle flights from and to Doha. 

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has announced partnerships with Gulf carriers to set up match-day shuttle flights between Doha and major Middle Eastern cities for fans to attend games and depart Doha on the same day.

Qatar Airways shuttle flight routes

The match shuttle flights will operate from five cities in four countries – Dubai, Jeddah, Riyadh, Kuwait City, and Muscat – with 60 flights from the UAE, 40 flights from Saudi Arabia, 48 flights from Oman and 16 flights from Kuwait every day of the tournament.

Qatar Airways shuttle flight prices

As of now, prices start from US$258 for economy class or US$998 in business class from Muscat.

Qatar Airways shuttle flight booking

To book your tickets, all you have to do is:

1. Match ticket: Ensure you have your match tickets booked.
2. Hayya Card: Apply to get your Hayya Card (this is your fan ID).
3. Match Day Shuttle: Book your flights with Qatar Airways via this link only

Before booking your tickets, take note that:

  • This arrangement includes transportation to & from the game or fan zones.
  • Does not include any checked baggage allowance, so make sure you have everything you need in your hand baggage.
  • Ensure you select a flight that arrives at least 4 hours before match kick-off.


If you’re a ticket holder to the FIFA World Cup, you can now book a Match Day Shuttle flight from Dubai to Doha with flydubai. A Match Day Shuttle flight allows you to hop on a flight to Doha, watch your match and return back to Dubai the same day. You’ll also enjoy complimentary ground transportation between the airport and the stadiums if you book a Match Day Shuttle flight.

Flydubai shuttle flight schedule

All Match Day Shuttle flights will operate from Dubai World Central (DWC) between Monday 21 November 2022 and Monday 19 December 2022. With up to 30 flights a day, you’ll never miss a match. Just ensure that you select a flight that arrives at least 4 hours before match kick-off.

Flydubai shuttle flight booking

You must be a ticket holder to the upcoming football tournament in Qatar if you want to book a Match Day Shuttle flight to Doha. You’ll also need to apply for a Hayya Card. This is your fan ID and you’ll need it to enter Qatar and access the stadiums.

All flight numbers for Match Day Shuttle flights operating into and out of DWC will have 4 digits and begin with the number 5 (e.g., FZ 5XXX).

Suppose you’re not a ticket holder to the tournament and wish to travel to Doha during this period. In that case, you can simply book one of our scheduled flights from Dubai International (DXB) subject to holding the required documents for travel.

Flydubai shuttle flight prices

A return Match Day Shuttle flight can be booked for an adult or child in Economy Class from USD 258 and in Business Class from USD 998 (both fares inclusive of all taxes). There’s also an onboard snack included in the cost of the fare.

These are special fares that are non-refundable, and they do not include a checked baggage allowance, so you’ll need to carry everything you need in your hand baggage (which can weigh up to 7 kg in economy and up to 14 kg in business).

Subject to availability, you can change the time or date of your Match Day Shuttle flight for a charge of USD 50. Please note that the name of a passenger cannot be changed.