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Updated December 2022

The World Cup 2022 Qatar is now underway and reigning champion France are be among the favorites as they attempt to retain their supremacy against top teams of Argentina, Brazil, England, Germany, Spain and others.

Fans can easily book tickets and hotels through World Cup travel packages if they haven’t already. Ticket sales are already in their last phase and we’ve compiled everything there is to know about World Cup tickets from prices, categories, and how and where you can purchase them.

Please note: Effective today, Qatar’s Ministry of Interior has announced that Qatari citizens and GCC residents will be allowed to enter the country without a Hayya card. Only non-GCC tourists and visitors attending the World Cup matches will require the Hayya card.

World Cup tickets latest news

The World Cup has so far provided us with major upsets with Saudi emerging triumphant over Argentina as well as Japan defeating Germany. Fans looking to get purchase tickets may still do so as FIFA is currently observing its last-minute sales phase on a first come first serve basis across all price categories. This final phase of ticket sales will run until the end of the World Cup on 18 December.

To purchase your World Cup tickets, please do so through FIFA’s official ticket portal

What are the prices of World Cup tickets?

Generally speaking, tickets for the Qatar World Cup will be the most expensive yet, with the average ticket price increasing by 46 percent since the tournament was held in Russia four years ago.

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The most expensive Individual Match Tickets (IMT) are inevitably for the final match set to be held at the Lusail stadium at just over USD 1,606 (AED 5,857). The cheapest tickets are for the group matches (excluding the opening game) at just under USD 68 (AED 250)

Prices differ between categories; Categories 1 to 3 are purchasable by anyone with Category 1 tickets being the most expensive. Category 4 tickets are available only to Qatar residents while the accessibility category is reserved exclusively for people with disability and/or limited mobility. 

The following is the complete table for all available World Cup tickets.

Note that these numbers are rough estimates and the actual cost may be higher or lower depending upon currency exchange rates and availability. 

Individual Match Tickets (IMT)

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An Individual match ticket is a ticket for a specific match. These tickets are available for all matches of the competition. Prices are as follows (in QAR):

Note: The prices below do not include both category 4 and accessibility tickets. Prices have also been converted to USD and AED and are subject to change.

  • Opening Match: USD 302 – 618 (AED 1,101 – 2,252)
  • Group Stage: USD 68 – 219 (AED 250 – 800)
  • Round of 16: USD 96 – 274 (AED 350 – 1,001)
  • Quarterfinals: USD 206 – 425 (AED 750 – 1,551)
  • Semifinals: USD 357 – 955 (AED 1,301 – 3,484)
  • Third-Place Match: USD 206 – 425 (AED 750 – 1,551)
  • Grand Final: USD 604 – 1,606 (AED 2,202 – 5,857)

Supporter Tickets

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Fans can apply for Supporter Tickets for the group stage matches played by their national team between Match 1 and Match 48.

Prices range from USD 68 to 1,767 (AED 250 – 6,442).

Four Stadium tickets

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Ticket packages for those who want to attend one match on selected number of match days while visiting four different stadiums of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Prices range from USD 274 – 1,277 (AED 1,001 – 4,655).

How do I buy World Cup tickets?

Fans can only purchase their tickets through FIFA’s official website. Fans acquiring tickets other than from FIFA’s official portal run the risk of them being invalidated and turned away at the stadium.  

That said, the process of purchasing World Cup tickets is a bit more complicated than just doling out some cash and getting your seat. The first thing to do is to go to the FIFA portal, register yourself, and submit your World Cup ticket purchase application.

Due to the super high demand, FIFA had divided World Cup ticket sales into three phases as follows:

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the World Cup ticket sales began on 19 January and ended on 29 March 2022. This sales phase was composed of a random selection draw sales period and a First Come First Served (FCFS) sales period. 

Phase 2

Phase 2 ticket sales began on 5 April and ended on 16 August 2022. This sales phase was composed of a random selection draw sales period and a First Come First Served (FCFS) sales period. 

Last-minute ticket sales

The last opportunity to purchase tickets for the upcoming Qatar 2022 has already begun on Tuesday, 27 September 2022 and this phase will remain open until the close of the World Cup, i.e., until 18 December 2022.  

All fans are advised to carefully plan their Qatar journey and to stay clear of shady websites offering cheap World Cup tickets. Please note that the only official outlet from which to purchase World Cup tickets is For fans yet to acquire their tickets, the final phase allows a single fan to purchase a maximum of six tickets for any one match of the World Cup. For the entirety of the tournament, a 60-ticket cap purchase is in effect.

In addition to a match ticket, all local and international fans must apply for a digital Hayya Card which will act as an entry permit to the State of Qatar as well as provide stadium access. International fans must also confirm their accommodation while entering Qatar if they don’t plan to return on the same day.

Can World cup tickets be re-sold?

As mentioned, fans can only get valid tickets from FIFA’s official portal. If you’re looking to sell your ticket, the only way of doing so is by obtaining written permission issued by FIFA.

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