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Updated May 2024

After the resounding success of The World of Coffee Dubai 2024, the event wasted no time in gearing up for the forthcoming third edition. The World of Coffee exhibition is scheduled for 10 – 12 February 2025. 

The exhibition is expected to play a significant role in boosting the coffee market in the Middle East region and further solidifying Dubai’s status as a pivotal hub for the coffee industry.

Read on as Wego compiles all the latest updates you need to know about the forthcoming World of Coffee 2025!

World of Coffee 2025

In 2025, the World of Coffee and the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) will continue their partnership. In 2024, this exceptional collaboration brought together 1,650 companies and brands hailing from 66 different countries, which featured 63% of global coffee companies. 

This exhibition serves as a pivotal platform for coffee industry experts to convene, share ideas, and explore new business opportunities. It is meticulously crafted to facilitate connections among coffee producers, manufacturers, retailers, traders, and various stakeholders within the industry. The event is specifically tailored to cater to the needs of coffee businesses in the UAE and those looking to enter the burgeoning coffee market in the Middle East.

Notably, the event will feature a range of attractions, including a Buyers Lounge, coffee competitions, and educational sessions. Furthermore, it is dedicated to fostering growth opportunities for farmers, distributors, and traders through the promotion of collaborative agreements.

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World of Coffee 2025 date

World of Coffee 2025 is set to be held in Dubai from 10 February to 12 February 2025.

World of Coffee 2025 location

The World of Coffee 2025 event is set to be held at Zabeel Halls 4, 5, and 6, situated within the Dubai World Trade Centre. These halls boast a spacious area spanning 10,368 square meters, ensuring easy accessibility and ample parking facilities, making it the perfect location for the event.

You have various transportation options to reach the venue, including utilizing the Dubai Metro, taking a Dubai Taxi, or driving your personal vehicle. If you opt for the latter, you can also take advantage of the available valet services.

World of Coffee 2025 registration

World of Coffee 2025 provides many different opportunities for exhibitors to showcase their products. Interested exhibitors can book a space, a shell scheme that comes with a booth, a brew bar or a cupping room, which lets you showcase the makings of your products, among several other options. The prices for all of these registrations differ.

For a detailed list of all of the different exhibition opportunities and their prices, please visit the Exhibition Opportunities page on the World of Coffee website. Alternatively, for visitor registration, you can get in touch with the organizers by filling in the relevant information on the Contact Us form.

Visitor registration for World of Coffee 2025 is currently closed. The portal will reopen soon, and you can purchase a single-day or three-day pass from the official website of the World of Coffee.

World of Coffee 2025 event features

Although the intricate details surrounding World of Coffee 2025 have not been revealed yet, we can anticipate events following the pattern for World of Coffee 2024. The event will offer many different activities centered around showcasing different types of products and innovations through immersive experiences.

Here are some of the features we are looking forward to at the event.

Cupping Room

The Cupping Rooms at the World of Coffee event is a vital feature where businesses can reserve space to showcase their coffee products to a select audience of customers and experienced tasters. These rooms provide an intimate setting for sensory exploration, networking, and building brand recognition within the coffee industry. It’s a unique opportunity to engage with customers, receive direct feedback, and connect with industry experts to enhance your presence in the coffee market.

Brew Bar

At the Brew Bar pavilion, composed of two expansive platforms capable of accommodating 12 enterprises, visitors are invited to embark on a journey through the diverse world of coffee. Businesses have the opportunity to utilize the platform for three hours, hosting various coffee-tasting sessions.

Customers can freely wander between enterprises to sample coffee and witness skilled baristas creating inventive concoctions. The Brew Bar provides a unique experience with an extensive selection of coffee beverages, each crafted with precision and served with care by a dedicated team of skilled volunteer baristas, offering a delightful exploration of coffee flavors from around the world.

Roasters Village

The Roaster Village is where micro-roasters meet customers, and where coffee is roasted, brewed, and savored. It’s a hotspot for exploring the latest trends in coffee sourcing, roasting, brewing, and tasting – a must-visit for coffee aficionados.

With an opportunity to witness cutting-edge developments in coffee sourcing, handling, roasting, brewing, and distribution, the Roaster Village is a comprehensive showcase of the entire coffee journey, culminating in the sensory delight of coffee tasting.

Aside from these, another program called ‘Cup Room’ will be at the event. Furthermore, the exhibition will introduce several new programs, including the Franchise Village. This platform aims to unite prominent brands looking to expand in the region, with investors keen on establishing branches of well-known coffee brands. Introducing such events will enhance the World of Coffee’s status as a pivotal gathering for exploring opportunities for growth and collaboration.

World of Coffee 2025 exhibitors list

The exhibitors’ list for World of Coffee 2025 has not been revealed yet. For World of Coffee 2024, a total of 1,650 companies and brands from 51 countries took part in the third edition of the World of Coffee Exhibition.

You can find out the complete exhibitors list for World of Coffee 2024 here.


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