Afghanistan (Travel Restrictions, COVID Tests & Quarantine Requirements)

This page was last updated on 25 February, 2021.


At a Glance

Travel Restrictions

Tourist Entry: Partially Allowed
Testing: Health screening is required for all countries.
Quarantine Required: Depends
Quarantine Details: Quarantine is recommended if you have a high temperature.

Local Restrictions

Lockdown in Effect: Partial
Events: Partially Allowed
Transport: Operational with restrictions
Shopping: Open
Restaurants and Bars: Open with restrictions

Detailed Travel Advisory

Published 25.06.2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) entry regulations lifted on 25 June 2020.


Detailed Tourist Information

There are no specific restrictions on entry to Afghanistan. However, due to the security situation the FCDO advise against all travel to most of the country and against all but essential travel to the Enhanced Security Area in Kabul, Hamid Karzai International Airport, Panjshir province and Bamian City in Bamian province.

Everyone arriving in Afghanistan will be required to have their temperature checked at the airport. If your temperature is high, the government will advise you to quarantine and will offer you medical attention at two hospitals in Kabul.

There are currently no compulsory quarantine requirements. However, if you have a high temperature the government will advise you to quarantine.

Lockdown Details

Most hotels and restaurants are open and have been instructed to follow COVID-19 guidelines, including asking customers to wear masks.

Sports and music events, along with bars, cinemas, museums and gyms are all closed. Restaurants and some shops have opened.

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