Wego’s Editorial Quality Assurance – How We Create & Deliver The Best Content To Users

At Wego, we pride ourselves on publishing the highest quality travel content on the internet. We’ve put in place a robust editorial QA process comprising 6 stages.

Stringent Hiring Process

Ensuring the highest quality content starts with hiring the most competent writers. On average, only 1 in every 100 candidates make the cut to join the team. All of the writers in our editorial team have gone through tests and training to prove their mastery in content creation. Our international team of writers are laser-focused in their daily quests to produce definitive content for you. We take personal pride in only producing helpful, quality content; we don’t write for the sake of writing.

Thorough Research & Fact Checking

Every article that we publish is an amalgamation of hours of research and fact checking. Our editorial team takes their research very seriously, ensuring that we only reference the most credible sources for our content, and use the highest quality informational ingredients to prepare content that’s trustworthy and authoritative.

Citations & References

Where relevant and useful, we include citations and references in our articles. In the current climate of fake news and misinformation, it’s more important than ever to know what you’re reading is trustworthy and credible, especially when it concerns your well-being or financial security. You’ll find links within our articles that point you back to the original source of the information. We always include these referential links so readers can verify the reliability of the information themselves.

Editorial Review

Our editors review every piece of content prior to its publication, to ensure it’s free of issues – technically, factually, ethically and culturally. We take our responsibility as one of the foremost travel content publishers very seriously, and we do our best to ensure that every article tied to the Wego branding is in line with our company’s core values and mission.

Regular Reviews & Updates

Instead of publishing dozens of articles talking about the same topic in different, inconsequential ways, the Wego team prefers to regularly review and improve on existing articles; we treat our content like a bonsai tree, watering it with fresh updates, pruning the outdated content, and making sure that the content stays exceedingly relevant and useful.

User Feedback

Last but not least, we maintain an open channel of communication between us and our readers. We recognise that even the most thorough content QA process would not prevent mistakes, because we’re human. If you find any issues with the information in our articles, please feel free to drop us an email at [email protected]. Your message will go directly to the editorial team, who will review your enquiry within 2 business days.