Re-energise with Macau’s winter events

Have you visited Macau yet? If not, you really should give it some thought. Easily accessible by fast boat from Hong Kong, or even with direct flights, Macau is truly unique among Asia’s cities. With 400 years of Portuguese colonialism intermingled with Chinese... Read More

One woman’s mission: travel alone, on a budget, in India

Up for a challenge? How about as a woman travelling alone in India, on a budget? Sanjukta Basu figured the only way to find out if this were truly possible was to do it herself and share her experiences with others at Project SWBT (Single Woman Budget Travel). In... Read More

It’s Festival Season in India

It’s that time of the year when India lights up across all its 29 states. As the sub-continent invites the cool winter breeze, streets and communities everywhere gear up to celebrate the many approaching festivals of the season. In the coming months India sparkles in... Read More

8 exquisite swim-up bars in dreamy locations

Cocktail anyone? Nothing says holidays more than plunging into the cool blue waters of a pool and floating up to rest your weary bones at a swim-up bar. It’s an absolute indulgence and also a great way to meet people. Some of my best memories were conversations... Read More

10 places the kids will love in America

Taking the kids to the US for a family holiday is sure to be met with squeals of excitement, but it’s a big country. Where do you begin to plan any kind of itinerary. Well summer in America has arrived and it’s undoubtedly the land of superlative theme... Read More

Holi – India’s Festival of Colour

If India wasn’t colourful enough you’ll never experience a more vibrant occasion than during the country’s festival of Holi which begins today. Holi involves an exuberant casting of pastel coloured powder on friends, family and every passer by with... Read More

Five Magnificent Forts of India

When I was growing up in India, my grandmother would place my head on her lap and regale me with tales of valiant Rajas (Kings) and their heroic battles to save their kingdom from invaders. Each story was set against the backdrop of mighty forts with high walls... Read More

Ladakh – where heaven meets the Earth

The air-hostess announced that we were approaching Leh airport and the captain had turned on the fasten seat-belt sign. As I eagerly peered out of the little aircraft window I catch a glimpse of a vast, barren desert, and posing meekly in its midst a tiny... Read More

Maha Kumbh Mela, from atonement to attainment

As the sun rises on the banks of the holy Sangam, bare feet make their way towards the glistening river shimmering in the morning sun. As the early morning mist clears, the view of saffron clad bodies covered in ash, moving in unison, with a prayer on their lips, and... Read More

Coastal luxury and history in Vietnam

Consistently voted as one of the best hotels in Vietnam, the Nam Hai in Danang lives up to its accolades. Careful thought has gone into creating an idyllic atmosphere where 100 luxurious villas welcome guests longing for a respite from the hustle and bustle of every... Read More

Christmas around the world: Served Hot and Cold

The magic of Christmas reaches far and wide, right across the world, embracing us in a warm, cheery hug every year. From the first whiff of December, we countdown and look forward to seeing who sends the most ridiculous Christmas card, reliving our childhood as we... Read More

Kyoto’s unique and luxurious 9 Hours Capsule Hotel

Japan’s former capital, Kyoto is renowned as one of the country’s most beautiful cities with its Imperial palace, ancient temples, waterfalls and manicured parks where Sakuras blossom in full splendour every Spring. Over the years, modernism has crept in and the... Read More

ZoukOut: Singapore’s epic annual beach party

For one night in early December each year, Siloso Beach in Singapore is peppered with people combing its length, hunting hopelessly for their flip-flops in a sea of sweaty bodies. Lost footwear is no worthy cause for despair though, not when one of Asia’s... Read More

Spa splendour at the opulent H’tel Plaza Athenee Paris

Ah, Paris. The city of love and lights. Whether it’s the gourmet food, luxury shopping or just the culture you fall for, there’s no denying that the titles are appropriately bestowed. Paris is and always will be the de rigueur city of romantic notions. The city is so... Read More

Cutting edge accommodation in historic Polish monument

The andel’s Hotel Ł³dź is a spectacular monument of Poland’s crossroads between its industrial history and a hopeful future. The hotel’s old European exteriors contrast expressly modern interiors, resulting in a visual allure that captures the city’s story.... Read More