We’ve Launched The Brand New Wego Website, And We Think You’ll Love It!

Wego’s best-in-class app experience is now available on the web.

Wego web users can now experience the modern and intuitive design that was originally only available on the app.

The revamped Wego website boasts a lot of the same aesthetics and user experience that our app users know and love — clean & modular style that puts content at the forefront, intuitive card design that makes navigation & discovery a breeze — among many other things.

The new design is also available on desktop web.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to use Wego app on the desktop, then wonder no more, for we’ve brought that experience to the big screen.

For the desktop web, we wanted more than just a simple port of the mobile experience, blown up to desktop proportions. We went above and beyond, to re-imagine the desktop user experience from the ground up.

The aesthetics and design language are similar to that of the Wego app, however, the user experience has been optimised to take advantage of the additional real estate — hero images are now even more panoramic, the search box is full-featured yet intuitive, and the discovery cards are bigger and richer in content.

Full list of features of the new Wego website.
Higher resolution hero images optimised for high definition screens.

Homepage design language aligned across platforms.

Modular components that display relevant content on homepage.

Popular Hotels in nearest/recently searched city.

Hotel recommendations in nearest/recently searched city.

Direct flights filter on flights search form.

Free cancellation filter on hotels search form.

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