“Any halal food there?” is a question that probably comes into Muslim travelers’ mind before deciding on a trip to Europe. Hunting for halal restaurants in Muslim-minority countries can be tricky, let alone if you are not familiar with the destination. This should not be a problem, however, when you fly to Germany.

Germany is home to five million Muslimsthe second largest in Europeand this number is ever-growing. Coupled with the growing volume of Muslim tourists flying in all-year round, the demand for halal market clearly becomes greater.

So if you, food enthusiasts, plan to stay in the following German cities, make sure to visit at least one of our top picks of five halal eateries.


Yarok, Berlin

Yarok Berlin - 5 Must-Try Restaurants in Germany for Muslim Travelers

Image credit: Food Berlin Stories

Yarok, meaning “green” in Hebrew, serves freshly prepared Syrian comfort food. Despite its location in Mitte, Berlin’s tourist magnet, Yarok’s menu is reasonably priced. One of the most sought-after items is Mixed Platter, a concoction of flavors and textures comprising kebab, grilled vegetables, hummus, tabouleh, couscous, and dips. Another star of the menu is Falafel, a popular chickpeas-based patty that is crisp on the outside yet soft on the inside.

Yarok’s humble interior and rather compact space do not stop patrons from visiting. The eatery also offers an outdoor seating area which blends in with its neighborhood; a perfect way to enjoy sunny days in the capital city.


Torstraße 195, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Open daily from 12PM to 10PM

Price range: €6-€18


3h’s Burger & Chicken, Cologne

If casual meal is what you are after during your sojourn in Cologne, 3h’s is the place to go. Living up to its name, which stands for “halal, handmade, and homemade”, this burger joint does take pride in their artisanal products, from the patties, buns, to the sauces. Here you’ll find a good selection of chicken and beef burgers with skin-on fries on the side. There are also veggie burgers and a variety of side dishes to choose from.

The joint may not be spacious, but its modern, industrial design becomes another point of interest. Its kitchen and counter are open to your view, so you can watch how your food is being prepared by the cook. 3h’s is also available is in five other cities: Aachen, Düsseldorf, Frechen, Wuppertal, and Gelsenkirchen.


Koblenzer Str. 1-9, 50968 Cologne, Germany

Open Monday-Thursday from 12PM to 20PM, and Friday from 12AM to 10PM, Saturday from 2PM to 12AM, Sunday from 3PM to 10PM

Price range: under €10


Köz Urfa, Hamburg

Koz Urfa - 5 Must-Try Restaurants in Germany for Muslim Travelers

Image credit: Piilo Acecik

Sitting just next to Altona station, Hamburg, Köz Urfa is always busy with locals and tourists alike; so be prepared for a little wait. The menu is all about Turkish favorites, also in a fast-food style, ranging from kebabs, lamb chops, to steaks. The true draw, however is the Adana Kebab, which is minced meat on a skewer served with grilled tomato and hot peppers, rice, vegetables, and yogurt. Turkish tea and Ayran (salty yogurt-based drink) are highly recommended. Food portions in Köz Urfa are generous enough to be shared with your companion.

The vibe of the restaurant is classic with a hint of Turkish design, brick color dominating the interior, and cave-like wall connecting the dining halls. Food ingredients are chilled in refrigerated display cases to be visually appealing to patrons.


Paul-Nevermann-Platz 2-4, 22765 Hamburg, Germany

Open daily from 8AM to 3PM

Price range: €11-€20


Shandiz, Munich

Shandiz, Munich - 5 Must-Try Restaurants in Germany for Muslim Travelers

Image credit: Shandiz

Done checking in to a hotel in Munich and gearing up for your adventure? First thing first, grab a bite at Shandiz Restaurant, a ten-minute walk from Munich Main Railway Station. The menu covers all the Iranian fare, such as Kabab Koobideh and Mahiche Polo (lamb shank stew); but the restaurant is famous for its tasty saffron rice. To refresh the taste buds, try Dough, a yogurt drink blended with fresh herbs.

Shandiz’s decor truly portrays the atmosphere of Iran with Persian-inspired artworks and wall paintings as the backdrop. Colorful lighting and chandelier also lend a dramatic look to the restaurant.


Dachauer Str. 50, 80335 München, Germany

Open daily from 11.30AM to 11PM

Price range: €14-€20


Thai Fun, Frankfurt

Thai Fun - 5 Must-Try Restaurants in Germany for Muslim Travelers

Image credit: Thai Fun

Bringing an Asian flair to the beating heart of Frankfurt is Thai Fun. Its offerings of authentic halal Thai food makes for a standout addition to the existing restaurants dotting the city. The menu comes with tons of options you may take some time contemplating which one will be your pick. You can actually start it off with some delectable Thai spring rolls or hearty Tom Yam Gung. As for the mains, expect a more extensive list, from fried rice with choices of duck, chicken, beef, squid, and shrimps, noodle soup, to fried egg noodles.

Just before stepping into the premise, patrons will be greeted with a Halal sign on the front window. Thai Fun’s ambience is laid back. While its simple interior is more functional than decorative, the bamboo wall ornaments give a true Asian touch to the eatery.



Elbestraße 15, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Open daily from 11AM to 11PM

Price range: under €10

Worry not, there is still a long list of Muslim-friendly restaurants worth exploring in Germany. One thing to note is, a bit of research will be very helpful in deciding which halal restaurants to go to since not all of them put up a ‘halal’ sign at the entrance. Also, there are certain times when some of them are fully occupied, so booking a table first would be a good move.

For more insights into Germany’s culinary scene and beyond, head to the official website of German National Tourist Board. And if you are more than ready to tick Germany off your bucket list, take advantage of the best travel deals available at MATTA Fair, held 7-9 September, 2018, at Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur.


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