San Francisco is one of my favorite cities for dining: be it a white table-clothed Michelin-starred restaurant or a no-frills Chinese eatery in the largest Chinatown out of Asia, SF has everything your gut desires.

Fisherman’s Wharf

One of my go-to places is Fisherman’s Wharf. Nothing quite feels as comforting as a bowl of warm clam chowder in a bread bowl in chilly and windy San Francisco. Despite its touristy reputation, there’s excellent food right here.

Head to 170-year-old Boudin Bakery at Baker’s Hall and order the clam chowder in the sourdough bread bowl; it’s one of the best in not just San Francisco, but the world! The warm and briny soup paired with the crusty and fluffy sourdough is a match made in heaven.

While you’re in the area, do check out the seafood stands just across. It may be daunting at first glance with the myriad of stalls to choose from, but take a look around and find one that you fancy – they’re all almost equally good, honestly.

Just be careful when you carry your food out; the seagulls are viciously predatory, and they would strike the second you take your eyes off of it.

Before you leave the area, take a walk around the piers and catch some great views of the bay or take one of the Alcatraz tours. Don’t miss out on Pier 39 though, you’ll get the chance to see the famous adorable sea lions lazing on the floating platforms.


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Another unmissable location in San Francisco is Chinatown, which is the largest in the world outside of Asia, and boy does it not disappoint.

The stalwart that is Sam Wo is the perennial favorite with locals and visitors alike, whipping up delicious stir fry and my favorite jook (congee) in the whole United States.


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But don’t just stop there! Explore Chinatown on foot and pop into those little dim sum shops and bakeries, and you’ll find some terrific Chinese bites at very affordable prices.

Wing Lee Bakery is one example, where you can get hearty Chinese takeouts, glistening Chinese roasts, and piping hot dim sum.

Another must-visit in Chinatown is Vital Tea Leaf, a teahouse that stocks an incredible variety of Chinese teas. This is the perfect place to visit after a heavy Chinese lunch, helping wash down all that salty, savory goodness, and to get your hands on some quality Chinese teas.

Union Square

Just steps away from Union Square is the unassuming Popsons Burgers. My favorite burger joint in San Francisco, their delicious burgers are made with artisanal buns and top quality beef that’s ground in-house.

Go for truffle-scented, mushroom-packed The Fun Guy or a delectably curious Beets Me!

The Castro

After a raucous night of partying in The Castro, Orphan Andy’s is the perfect place for comfort food you so badly need to recover from an alcohol-induced frenzy.

Open 24-hours, rest assured that you can get your fill of their famous chicken fried steak (and my personal favorite) any time you want at this classically-styled American diner.

The Mission

Famed for its Mexican food, the Mission District is home to the incredible La Taqueria. The monstrous burritos they serve are industry-leading, and also massive in taste.

With an impeccably grilled tortilla encasing a flurry of Mexican-goodness, whatever your choice of filling it, you’re bound to leave feeling full and fulfilled.


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Jackson Square

Back to the east of the city in Jackson Square is the crown jewel of the San Francisco dining scene: Quince. Hands down my favorite fine-dining restaurant on the West Coast, Quince is the gift that keeps on giving.

Dining room at Quince ©

Every meal at Quince is like Christmas, with a menu that changes daily, featuring the finest seasonal produce and sensational wines that would definitely make it on Santa’s good list.


Couple the gastronomic wonders with the stunning ambiance, and it’s self-evident how Michael Tusk’s restaurant got its 3 Michelin Stars.