Gibraltar (Travel Restrictions, COVID Tests & Quarantine Requirements)

This page was last updated on 07 May, 2021.


At a Glance

Travel Restrictions

Tourist Entry: Partially Allowed
Testing: Covid-19 test required for all countries.
Quarantine Required: Yes
Quarantine Details: Self-isolation for 14 days required for all countries.

Local Restrictions

Lockdown in Effect: Yes
Events: Partially Allowed
Transport: Operational with restrictions
Shopping: Open
Restaurants and Bars: Open with restrictions

Detailed Travel Advisory

Published 17.03.2021
1. Passengers are not allowed to enter.
– This does not apply to:
– passengers with a British passport with nationality “British Overseas Territories Citizen” issued by Gibraltar;
– passengers with a British passport born in Gibraltar;
– British nationals with a national ID card issued by Gibraltar;
– residents of Gibraltar;
– merchant seamen;
– nationals and residents of Spain returning via Gibraltar to Spain;
– military personnel with a travel order issued by NATO or the United Kingdom.
2. Passengers must complete a passenger locator form at This will generate a barcode which must be presented upon arrival.
3. Passengers could be subject to self-isolation; details can be found at
4. Passengers without a negative COVID-19 PCR test result of a test taken at most 72 hours before arrival are subject to a COVID-19 test upon arrival.


Detailed Tourist Information

The Government of Gibraltar (GoG) has announced additional restrictions on travel to Gibraltar due to COVID-19. See the GoG Press Release ( 22 December for full details. With effect from 23 December 2020, only the following categories of passengers will be allowed to enter Gibraltar by air:

-Individuals who are registered Gibraltarians, either by birth or naturalisation;
-Individuals with residence in Gibraltar, upon demonstrating satisfactory proof of residence;
-Sea farers on transit to a vessel which is berthed at Gibraltar and has immigration pre clearance letter issued by the Borders and Coastguards Agency;
-Spanish nationals who are in transit to Spain;
-Individuals travelling to Gibraltar on transit to Spain and who hold lawful residence in -Spain, upon demonstrating satisfactory proof of residence;
-People who are carrying out a work activity in Gibraltar or who are taking up employment in Gibraltar and who provide proof on arrival;
-Military personnel who have been issued with Travel Orders;
-Individuals who hold an electronic letter issued by the Borders and Coastguard Agency granting that individual permission to enter Gibraltar.

In addition, travellers must present a negative PCR test obtained within the previous 72 hours, or take a fast test on arrival at Gibraltar Airport.

If you arrive in Gibraltar by land, air or sea and you have been to a ‘relevant area’ in the last 14 days you are required by law to report to the Gibraltar Borders and Coastguard Agency (if arriving by land or sea) or Gibraltar Port Authority (if arriving by sea).

A ‘relevant area’ is a country, area or territory outside of the European Union, but doesn’t include the UK, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican. It also excludes the list of countries included in the Schedule (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay, and China).

If you have been in a ‘relevant area’ in the last 14 days it is required that you:

-Self-Isolate for five days. If you are staying in a hotel, you must remain in your room and not use any of the public areas.
-Do not use public transportation with the exception of a Gibraltar Taxi booked via the Gibraltar Taxi Association. You are required to inform them that you have arrived from a ‘relevant Area’. Call the local Gibraltar health line phone number 111 as soon as you reach the address where you will be isolating.
-If you develop symptoms or feel unwell call 111 immediately even if you have been swabbed.
-You must be swabbed on Day 1 and again on Day 5.
-If you are not registered with the Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) you must arrange a private swab.

On 22 September 2020 the Government of Gibraltar introduced a COVID-19 contact tracing online passenger locator and ‘relevant area form’ for passengers flying to Gibraltar. It is a legal requirement to complete a passenger locator form and inform the authorities if you have been in a ‘relevant area’ in the 14 days before your arrival in Gibraltar. You will only be able to complete this form once you have checked in and have been allocated your seat number.

Lockdown Details

On 8 April, the Government of Gibraltar announced that most lockdown restrictions have been lifted, due to the very low rates of active cases of COVID 19 in Gibraltar. See the Press Release ( from the Government of Gibraltar for full details.

However some restrictions remain in place. The key points are:

Masks must be worn in shops and on public transport

Shops are now all permitted to open, subject to Public Health rules

Gyms and hair and beauty salons open

Places of worship are open and organised religious services permitted but numbers limited

Gatherings are limited to a maximum of 16 persons, however from 16 April this restriction will be lifted and there will be no limits on numbers of people at gatherings

Bars and Restaurants permitted to open with no requirement for the wearing of masks by patrons. There is no limit on the number of people permitted at a table

Drinking of alcohol in public places is forbidden between the hours of 7pm and 8am

Specified streets in the city centre are subject to restrictions where no one is permitted to loiter on Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays between the hours of 11pm and 1am, however this restriction will be lifted from 16 April.



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