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Of all that has been said about chocolate, perhaps Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat, summed it up perfectly when she wrote, “Happiness. Simple as a glass of chocolate or tortuous as the heart. Bitter. Sweet. Alive.” 

An 18th-century Swedish botanist named the beans of the tropical cacao tree from which chocolate originates “food of the Gods” or Theobroma Cacao. From its humble origins in the Amazonian rainforest, today, chocolate is prized and around 10 million tons are consumed every year worldwide. 

So, where did it all begin? And how can you celebrate it? Wego has noted all about the celebrations of World Chocolate Day and presents you with some ideas on how you can celebrate it. Keep reading to learn more! 

When is World Chocolate Day celebrated? 

Started in 2013 by someone anonymous, World Chocolate Day is celebrated every year on 7 July as a day to indulge in chocolate without any guilt. 

World Chocolate Day, or simply Chocolate Day (different from International Chocolate Day), can be said to be an anniversary celebration of the introduction of chocolate in Europe in the 1500s. 

How is World Chocolate Day celebrated worldwide? 

The best way to celebrate World Chocolate Day is to honor traditions and indulge in the deliciousness of cocoa without overthinking it. 

Other ways World Chocolate Day is celebrated are: 

  • Learn about the importance of chocolate, its cultural significance, and its health benefits. 
  • Try out a new chocolate recipe. Invite your loved ones to bake or cook with you and make new memories over chocolate. 
  • Visit your favorite restaurant or cafe and order your favorite chocolate dessert. 
  • Try out a new chocolate that you have never tried before, perhaps from another country. 
  • Revisit your favorite classics, or read a new book that involves chocolate. We are particularly partial to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Chocolate Sundae Mystery and Chocolat.

And a day like this is never complete without a flight of fancy to places worldwide and refreshing our bucket list. So come along with us as we visit the five must-visit places for chocoholics around the world! 

Five must-visit places for chocoholics 


We don’t know who first brought cocoa beans to Europe. We are, however, thankful that they were guided to the food of the Gods during their trip to Central America, which they brought back with them to Europe, particularly in Spain in the late 1500s — as agreed upon by historians. 

Spain, a country that is synonymous with perfectly splendid beaches, tango and flamenco, is also a heaven for chocolate lovers around the world. From the museum of chocolate Museu De La Xocolata in Barcelona to the underrated chocolate restaurants and cafes in Sevilles providing a quick respite in between the shopping trip, Valor Chocolate Museum in Valencia, ‘Pastas Beatriz’ in Pamplona — Spain provides plenty of options for chocoholics to taste the local chocolate and take some Valor chocolates home with you. 

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From the people who modernized the chocolate, we take our journey to the present chocolate capital of the world and the heart of Belgium, Brussels.  

Every corner of Brussels has its own tale to tell with chocolatiers and their chocolates. We recommend taking a gastronomic walking tour to experience Brussels’s best choco magic. However, you can also skip to the Belgian Chocolate Village in Koekelberg and learn about the history of chocolates before indulging in a demonstration of how chocolates are made in Choco-Story Brussels. 

Another unique experience you ought to indulge in is taking a chocolate-making class from master chocolatiers. Several places in Brussels offer chocolate-making classes to tourists, like Choco-Story Brussels, Belgian Chocolate Village, Planète Chocolat, and Belgian Chocolate Workshop. We recommend registering for the workshops on the official website of the chocolate places before visiting for a smooth experience.

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In the late 1500s, chocolate traveled to the rest of Europe via trade routes after it arrived in Spain. Italy and France were the two countries that adapted it like their own, like no one else, and we reap the benefits of that even today. We are choosing to visit Italy on this Chocolate Day. 

Although there is no shortage of good chocolate or coffee in Italy, one place, in particular, awaits your presence to serve you chocolate dishes that date back centuries. Turin, the heart of Piedmont, is home to some of the best truffles, pralines and gelato in Europe.

Chocolate and coffee go together like the stars and moon in a night sky. In Piedmont, particularly there are several historic cafes for the way they have stood the test of time and now we get to have their chocolate creations from anywhere in the world. Some of the prestigious cafes in Turin include Pfatisch, Baratti & Milano, Caffé Al Bicerin (famous for their namesake coffee infused with chocolate), Moderna Torrefazione (famous for their ‘royal snack’ from the 18th century called Merenda Reale along with hot chocolate), Guido Gobino, (where better to get the famous Italian chocolates than from their own stores in Turin?), Caffè Torino etc. 

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If you were waiting for the homeland of Lindor (and the old home of Toblerone) to appear, then here we are. Switzerland is perhaps the most famous country for chocolates and a must-visit destination for any food enthusiast worldwide. 

Broc in the Gruyère district of Fribourg canton is one of the most notable stops in Switzerland for chocoholics. It is home to the Chocolate Museum of Maison Cailler, where you can learn about the history of the famous Chocolat Cailler, witness the process of chocolate making and taste them. Finally, you get an “all-you-can-eat selection of Cailler chocolates” and join a chocolate-making class before leaving at Atelier du Chocolat. 

A few of the other notable stops include:

  • Flawil, St. Gallen canton for Maestrani’s Chocolarium 
  • Kilchberg, Zürich canton for Lindt’s Home of Chocolate (they also have the world’s biggest chocolate shop and the world’s tallest freestanding chocolate fountain!)
  • Bilten, Glarus canton for House of Läderach and artisanal chocolates 
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There are Mexican chocolates that you can find in any Latin food corner aisle store, and then there are Mexican desserts you must taste when you are in Mexico. Some of them are Mexican hot chocolate, Mexican chocolate Guinness cake, churros and Mexican chocolate sauce, Mexican hot chocolate flan, champurrado, etc. 

Some must-visit places in Mexico for chocoholics include:

  •  Roma District of Mexico City for the chocolate museum named MUCHO Museo del Chocolate and  Que Bo! Chocolateria. 
  • Oaxaca city, which is known as the chocolate capital of Mexico. 
  • Quintana Roo’s legacies date back to the Mayan civilization and have a rich connection with chocolate and its sacred role in Olmec, Mayan, and Aztec ceremonies. Journey through the city streets to learn more about where the story started and get a taste of what we all love as chocolate today! 
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We hope we were able to inspire your chocolate-loving heart to indulge in some chocolate today without any bittersweetness and maybe plan your next vacation to one of the many chocolate capitals of the world. Have a très bon(bon) chocolate day!  

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