Unlock your sense of adventure in North East England, where an abundance of thrilling outdoor activities awaits. Here, you can explore a land of vibrant urban centers, breathtaking coastlines, and idyllic countryside that promise to leave you spellbound. Each turn of a corner reveals a new opportunity for adventure, where the sweeping and dramatic landscapes of the North East will awaken your inner explorer.

So, if you’re ready to venture out into the great outdoors, look no further. Here are seven immersive ways to explore the wild beauty of North East England.

Kayak beneath the Tyne Bridge

Imagine dipping your paddle into the sparkling blue waters of the River Tyne as you gaze up at the magnificent Tyne Bridge towering above you. This is just the beginning of your adventure with CBK Adventure Co, the local experts in outdoor exploration. With their guidance, you’ll explore the very heart of Newcastle Gateshead, paddling through the bustling Quayside and taking in the vibrant energy of attractions and restaurants that line its banks. As you glide along the river, you’ll learn about the seven magnificent bridges that cross the Tyne at the Quayside, each with its own unique story to tell. And with a range of dates available between May and August, there’s no excuse not to take the plunge and experience NewcastleGateshead from a whole new perspective.

Feel the power of High Force Waterfall

Nestled in the heart of Durham lies a natural wonder that will take your breath away – the magnificent High Force Waterfall. For millennia, this awe-inspiring cascade has plunged into the gorge below, leaving visitors spellbound and entranced. High Force is more than just a waterfall – it’s a gateway to a world of natural beauty and mystery. Surrounded by vast, open moors, blooming meadows, and enchanted woodlands, this is a landscape that will stay with you forever. At 21 metres high, High Force is a true natural wonder, and a must-see for anyone visiting Durham. 

Visit the hidden gem of The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Have you ever dreamt of visiting a place that feels like a hidden treasure tucked away from the rest of the world? Look no further than the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, a place that has captivated travellers for centuries with its fascinating history and curious location. To reach the island, you’ll have to cross a 3-mile causeway, accessible only at low tide. But the journey is well worth it as you step onto the island and feel its ancient magic all around you. With a tiny population of just over 100 people, Lindisfarne is a place where time seems to stand still, and the air is thick with a sense of mystery and enchantment. One of the island’s most striking landmarks is Lindisfarne Castle, perched atop a dramatic hill that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. As you explore the castle, you’ll uncover its fascinating history and long-standing heritage and gain a deeper appreciation for the scientists, historians, filmmakers, and artists who have drawn inspiration from this magical place over the centuries.

Immerse yourself in the history of Hadrian’s Wall

Journey back in time and experience the awe-inspiring history of Hadrian’s Wall. The mighty Roman Empire, which once shaped our world, built this marvel of engineering spanning East to West of Northern England. Step into the heart of this UNESCO World Heritage Site and explore the northern frontier that was once a bustling, multi-cultural hub for over three centuries. Witness the astounding remnants of the wall that stretches almost 80 miles coast-to-coast, a testament to the ingenuity of Roman engineering. Marvel at the incredible feat accomplished by a force of 15,000 men who built this iconic structure in under six years. The rich history of North East England comes to life in Hadrian’s Wall. Each site along the wall, including Segedunum, Arbeia, and Vindolanda, offers something unique to experience. Explore Roman bath houses, turrets, shrines, galleries, and museums that tell the tales of the fallen empire. 

Get closer to nature at WWT Washington Wetland Centre

Immerse yourself in the wonder of nature at the breathtaking WWT Washington Wetland Centre. This stunning destination is a true paradise for nature enthusiasts, featuring a captivating blend of wetland, woodland, and wildflower meadow. As you wander through this majestic landscape, you’ll be surrounded by a dazzling array of rare and magnificent creatures, from the magnificent Chilean flamingos to the adorable Asian short-clawed otters. You can even get up close and personal with the rarest goose in the world and feed these gentle creatures by hand, or watch in awe as the majestic Eurasian cranes parade gracefully across the stream area.

Dive into the wonders of the North East coastline

Experience the breathtaking beauty of the North East coastline like never before with an unforgettable adventure from CBK Adventures. Dive into the crystal-clear waters and discover the stunning sights and sounds of this magnificent landscape from a truly unique perspective. Take to the waves and try your hand at stand-up paddleboarding, as you glide effortlessly along the shimmering surface of the sea. Explore local landmarks from a new perspective with a thrilling kayak adventure, or navigate the rugged coastline with a heart-pumping coasteering experience.

Observe the dark skies of Northumberland

Welcome to Kielder Observatory, a magical place where the night sky comes alive and dreams take flight. Gaze at the Milky Way as it stretches across the sky, a river of light that guides you on your journey of discovery. And if you’re lucky enough, catch a glimpse of the Andromeda Galaxy, a distant neighbor that beckons you to explore the far reaches of the universe. Every night at Kielder Observatory is a unique experience, with something special waiting to be discovered. Embark on a journey to the far reaches of the cosmos, guided by expert astronomers who will unravel the secrets of the universe for you.