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Honeymoons are all about spending uninterrupted, quality time with your partner to relish and celebrate your lifelong commitment to each other. Such romantic getaways are also a great way to relieve stress and revive relationships. While it is tempting to travel with your loved one as you please, travelling can end up burning a hole in your pocket. 

Travelling cheap can be pretty challenging. Fortunately, we’ve done the work for you by putting together a handy list of must-visit honeymoon locations in and outside India if you are looking to travel on a budget. 


Cheapest honeymoon destinations in India

With so many scenic locations and marvellous wonders within the country to explore, you need not even worry about flying out of India for your honeymoon. Here are our top 5 picks for places within India perfect for honeymoons. 


Unsurprisingly, Goa tops the list for the most budget-friendly location in India due to its cheap yet trendy escapades. The beachside paradise offers everything from lip-smacking fried fish served at a shack with the side of a beer bottle to long, clean roads winding through its dense green forests. 

How to reach?: Accessible by train or flight. Airfares are between INR INR 2,000 to 7,000 depending on the state of departure. 

Where to stay?: Hotels start at INR 1,000 per night.

What to do?: Beach trips, trekking, scuba diving, street gazing, shopping

What to see?: Several beaches to explore, ancient churches and forts. 

What to eat?: Endless cuisines from continental dishes to local Goan delicacies like prawn curry, mushroom xacuti, and cafreal.  

Suggested duration: 4-5 days

Travel calculation: Approx. INR 35,000


The quaint hill town of Shimla, set between the Himalayan foothills of Himachal Pradesh amidst the lofty snow-clad mountains and lush greenery, is perfect for couples. Dubbed heaven on earth, the heavenly white cascades of Shimla with tranquil lakes and hills are an ideal choice for honeymoons. 

How to reach?: Flights to Shimla Airport range from INR 3,000 to INR 25,000. 

Where to stay?: Hotels start at INR 2,700 per night. Scenic resorts are available from INR 8,000. 

What to do?: Hillside trekking, shopping, skiing, sightseeing. 

What to see?: Stunning views from Kurfi, green valleys, ancient temples and waterfalls.   

What to eat?: Try local delicacies like Madra (chickpeas), Sidu (bread) and Thukpa (spicy noodle soup). 

Suggested duration: 4-5 days

Travel calculation: Less than INR 40,000


A quiet retreat amongst hills and lush green forests, misty skies and magical waterfalls drive people all over the country to Wayanad, Kerala. 

How to reach?: Flights to Kozhikode International Airport are available from INR 5,700. 

Where to stay?: Hotels start at INR 2,000 per night. Luxury homestays are available from INR 15,000. 

What to do?: Trekking, animal watching. 

What to see?: Tea and spice plantations, waterfalls, caves, hills.  

What to eat?: Traditional Malabar cuisines like fish curries, steaming parotta with beef fry, jackfruit dishes and chicken stew with appam perfectly complement the chill climate. 

Suggested duration: 3-4 days

Travel calculation: Approx. INR 40,000


The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are enigmatic tourist attractions, owing to their distant location and mystique surrounding them. Pristine blue water and palm-studded islands make Andaman perfect for romantic getaways. 

How to reach?: You can get to Port Blair via flights or cruises from Kolkata and Chennai. Airfares start from INR 11,500. 

Where to stay?: Hotels start at INR 2,100 per night. 

What to do?: Scuba diving, island hopping, beach trips, cycling, sightseeing

What to see?: Coastal towns and islands like Port Blair, Baratang Island

What to eat?: The Andaman Islands are known for their seafood, ranging from fish curries, prawns, crab and squid. Barbeques are also must-haves. 

Suggested duration: 3-4 days

Travel calculation: Approx. INR 50,000


What better way to celebrate love than to visit the Taj in Agra? Located in Uttar Pradesh, Agra is also home to several other monuments of importance that embody eternal love and affection. 

How to reach?: Flights to Agra can cost you from INR 3,700 to INR 20,000 according to your state of departure. 

Where to stay?: Hotels start at INR 1,000 per night. You can get decent deluxe rooms for INR 5,000. 

What to do?: Sightseeing, shopping, street gazing

What to see?: Taj Mahal, Old Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Keoladeo National Park, Agra Fort

What to eat?: Agra is known for its wide variety of street food, such as Bedai and Jalebi. Indulge in other Mughlai delicacies, Bhalla and Petha. 

Suggested duration: 3-4 days

Travel calculation: Approx INR 55,000

Cheapest honeymoon destinations outside India

While flying out of the country is generally considered expensive, here are five international honeymoon locations from India you can visit while travelling on a budget.

Sri Lanka

Untouched tropical beach in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the island nation in the Indian Ocean, might be a small country, but it is home to spectacular beaches where you can do everything under the bright warm sun, such as surfing, swimming, snorkelling and more, not to mention the amazing seafood. 

How to reach?: Multiple flights are available from India to Sri Lanka and they could cost you anywhere from INR 11,000 to INR 50,000. 

Where to stay?: You can get a decent hotel around INR 1,000- INR 1,500. 

What to do?: Heritage tours, religious visits, art and culture tours, water adventure sports, wildlife tours, and plantations.

What to see?: Colombo, Kandy, Yapahuwa Kurunegala, Galle, Tissamaharama, Kirinda, Sabaragamuwa, Panduwasnuwara, Dambadeniya, Matara, Kataragama.

What to eat?: Thambili, the juice from King Coconut, is very refreshing and a must-have. Sri Lanka is also known for its wide range of seafood. 

Suggested duration: 6-7 days

Travel calculation: Approx. INR 55,000


Pa-pong-peang rice terrace north Thailand

No matter what you are looking for, be it quality time with your partner beneath the warm sun, sand and sea or endless party nights of booze and fun, Thailand is your go-to place if you are looking for a cheap yet vibrant country to travel from India.

How to reach?: Round-trip fare to Thailand from India ranges from INR 12,000 to INR 20,000

Where to stay?: It will cost you around INR 2,000 per night to stay at a decent hotel.

What to do?: Nightlife, scuba diving, beach trips, local shopping, floating market tour, elephant tourism

What to see?: Bangkok, Phuket, Santikhiri, Tarutao.

What to eat?: Tom Yung Goong(spicy shrimp soup), som tum (spicy green papaya salad), Tom Kha Kai (chicken in coconut soup), Gaeng Daeng (red curry)

Suggested duration: 6-7 days

Travel calculation: Approx. INR 65,000

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Tirtagangga Water Palace in Bali, Indonesia

Grandiose monuments, upbeat beaches and bustling streets, combined with its scrumptious cuisines and luscious landscapes, truly make Indonesia an enchanting romantic getaway. 

How to reach?: If you take a flight from India to Indonesia, the airfare ranges from INR 11,200 to INR 28,000, according to your state of departure.

Where to stay?: You can get hotels starting from INR 2000 per night. 

What to do?: Nature tourism, cultural visits, leisure tours, water sports, and religious tours.

What to see?: Bali, Jakarta, Malang, Lombok, Bandung, Yogyakarta

What to eat?: Satay (skewered and grilled chicken with peanut sauce) and Gudeg (jack fruit with palm sugar, coconut milk, meat, garlic, and lots of spices) are must-try.

Suggested duration: 5-6 days

Travel calculation: Approx. INR 75,000


Turkey- the fairytale land with ornate chapels and green hills, turquoise lagoons and beaches, lively resorts and quaint little villages is perfect for honeymoons. 

How to reach?: Multiple flights from India to Turkey are available every day, and it could cost you around INR 35,000. 

Where to stay?: You can get a decent hotel for around INR 4,000 per night. 

What to do?: Heritage tours, religious visits, art and culture tours.

What to see?: Hagia Sophia Mosque (Aya Sofya), Ephesus, Cappadocia, Topkapı Palace and the white cascade travertine terraces of Pamukkale. 

What to eat?: Do not miss out on trying Turkish foods like leblebi (roasted chickpeas), simit (bagel shaped bread) and borek (stuffed pastries)

Suggested duration: 6-7 days

Travel calculation: Under INR 80,000


A famous archipelago in the Indian Ocean- known for idyllic, laid-back, luxury vacations, Maldives can also be cheap if you plan your trip in advance wisely. 

How to reach?: The round trip to the Maldives from India can cost INR 70,000 onwards. 

Where to stay?: Decent hotels will cost around INR 5,000 to INR 8,000 per night. 

What to do?: Scuba diving, surfing, local sightseeing, adventure sports & activities. 

What to see? Trashigang, Haa Valley, Trongsa, Dochula Pass, Rinpung Dzong, Phuentsholing, Thimphu, Punakha Dzong.

What to eat? Beat the heat with refreshing juices and try local seafood dishes like mas huni (shredded smoked tuna), Maldivian lobsters, reef fish cutlets and more. 

Suggested duration: 6-5 days

Travel calculation: Approx. INR 100,000 

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