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Magic beans sprouted for Jack and opened the door to a house up in the clouds, and we have Emirates Residences with a private airport set in the heart of Dubai, taking us to the clouds with the promise of opulence like never before. 380 storeys to narrate the tale of elegant Emirati culture and an exclusive airport solely existing to cater to the convenience of its residents.

Construction of this luxury real estate tower is scheduled to begin in February 2025, ushering in a new era in Dubai.

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Emirates Residences, as we now know, is an innocent April Fool’s Day prank. While Emirates Residences may have been created in jest, Wego invites you to read with us about these upcoming Dubai megaprojects. We promise these are real. 

Ciel Tower

By the year 2118, it may be possible to have an apartment with 1,000 floors in the concrete jungle of the East Coast of North America. However, standing in 2024, we have the Ciel Tower in the Middle East of Asia to look forward to. This 82-storey tower will have 1,000 intricately designed rooms and suites, making it the world’s tallest stand-alone hotel at 365 meters.

The 300-meter vertical atrium at Dubai Marina will feature landscaped terraces that span the building’s floors and is scheduled to be completed before 2025.

Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences, Dubai

Image © Binghatti Developers

If you have ever dreamed about living on the clouds as a child, Burj Binghatti, Dubai, will make your childhood dreams come true. With 116 floors, it aims to be the tallest residential tower in the world when it is completed in the later part of the decade. The tower will have an infinity pool overlooking the Dubai skyline, a spa, a private gym, and other regal amenities such as a concierge team for daycare, bodyguard, chauffeur, and private chef services. 

The tallest residential building in the world right now is Central Park Tower in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park

While this is not a residential complex or a hotel, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park is set to become the world’s largest single-site solar power park. It is anticipated to save over 6.5 million tons of carbon emissions annually upon completion. We can only hope that the rest of the world will follow in Dubai’s footsteps and take active steps to save the planet. 

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park is expected to be operational by the third quarter of 2025.

Dubai Creek Tower

Image © Santiago Calatrava

When construction originally started last decade, Dubai Creek Tower, at 1345 meters, was planned to be the tallest tower in the world upon completion. Construction work hindered by the pandemic will begin again in 2024. The tower will still be recognized as the world’s tallest building, even if only less than thirty percent of it will be suitable for habitation. 

Dubai Creek Tower will mainly be used for observation decks or sky gardens. It will also have 20 floors occupied by hotels, restaurants, and residences. The antenna on the peak will be used for broadcasting.

Wasl Tower

Image © UN Studio

It’s not a house in the cloud, but what about a hotel or a home with a helipad so high you can touch the clouds? Or a parking space connected to the fastest mode of transportation? 

Wasl Tower, standing proudly at 302 meters with 229 residential units and 258 hotel rooms, will be part of Dubai’s second Mandarin Oriental Hotel. It will also have an office space, a helipad and 11 parking floors, which are said to be connected to Burj Khalifa Metro station.

Palm Jebel Ali

Image © Jebel Ali Palm

Palm Jebel Ali will span across the Dubai coastline, covering 110 kilometers and featuring 80 hotels and resorts. It will wreathe over seven connected islands and house over 35,000 families. 

The most exciting part of Palm Jebel Ali is that thirty percent of all public facilities are expected to be powered by renewable energy. 

Dubai Reefs

With new plans in motion and academia getting preference over hospitality, Dubai Reefs is going to be one of the most unique research spaces. Upon completion, Dubai Reefs will be a sustainable floating community for marine research, regeneration, and ecotourism, working towards greater protection of Dubai’s marine and coastal environment. 

Dubai Urban Tech District

Image © URB

We have heard of many cities becoming tech districts, but Dubai Urban Tech District is going to outrun them all. Nestled on the creekside of the Al Jaddaf area in Dubai, Dubai Urban Tech is soon going to be the world’s largest tech district, spanning over 140,000 square meters. 

Facilities will be provided for conferences, training, research, seminars, and business incubation. The building will offset all its embodied carbon emissions from construction and operation. An urban tech institute will also be established in the district, truly making “D” urban tech district of the future. 

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