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The long suspension of Emirates flights to Nigeria is now over! According to a recent press release, Emirates is set to resume services to Nigeria from 1 October 2024, operating daily to connect Lagos and Dubai, Wego reports. 

In 2022, the Dubai-based carrier Emirates decided to suspend flights to Nigeria from 1 September 2022 until further notice. Fast-forward to 2024, and Nigeria and the UAE have built strong bilateral trade relations over the years, led by Lagos as the nation’s commercial center. 

With the resumption of daily flights to Nigeria, Emirates SkyCargo is poised to enhance bilateral relations and bolster Nigerian businesses by facilitating the export of goods such as Kola Nuts, food and beverages, and urgent courier materials through its cutting-edge hub in Dubai to key markets like the UAE, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Bahrain.

Additionally, Emirates SkyCargo will import essential items such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, and general cargo from vital markets such as the UAE, India, and Hong Kong.

There will be daily flights between Dubai and Lagos. The first flight of this renewed partnership will take place on 1 October 2024. According to the Emirates website, the schedule is as follows

Dubai to Lagos

  • flight name: B777 
  • departing Dubai at 9:45 AM and arriving in Lagos at 3:20 PM 
  • prices start from AED 2045 

Lagos to Dubai

  • flight name: EK784 
  • departing Lagos at 5:30 PM and arriving in Dubai at 5:10 AM 
  • prices start from AED 2822