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Emirates Airlines has announced a historic new route that will connect Dubai with Bogotá, the vibrant capital of Colombia. This marks the first-ever link between the greater Middle East region and the northern part of South America. The daily service, set to commence on 3 June 2024, will significantly expand Emirates’ South American network to four gateways, Wego reports.


The daily flights will operate via Miami, marking a significant milestone as Emirates becomes the first airline to provide premium services on this popular route. This move is part of the airline’s strategy to enhance connectivity and offer travelers more choices while delivering unparalleled premium experiences both in the air and on the ground.

A first-of-its-kind premium service

Emirates’ daily flights from Dubai to Bogotá will make a stopover in Miami, introducing a unique and premium service on this well-traveled route. The schedule is designed to cater to the needs of passengers, with lie-flat seats in First Class and Business Class, complimentary food and beverage offerings, and a generous baggage allowance, all aimed at redefining the travel experience between Bogotá and Miami.

Here’s a quick look at the flight schedule:

Dates Flight Departure Arrival
From 3 June EK213 (DXB/MIA) 02:15 10:05
EK213 (MIA/BOG) 12:35 15:25
Summer schedule EK214 (BOG/MIA) 17:25 22:15
EK214 (MIA/DXB) 00:45 23:00
From 3 November EK213 (DXB/MIA) 02:15 09:50
(Winter schedule) EK213 (MIA/BOG) 12:20 16:10
EK214 (BOG/MIA) 18:10 22:05
EK214 (MIA/DXB) 00:35 23:50


The flight schedule includes convenient timings for travelers, ensuring seamless connections between Dubai, Bogotá, and Miami. The new route promises to be a game-changer for cargo as well, with each flight offering up to 20 tonnes of capacity. Colombian exports, especially perishable goods like fresh flowers, fruits, and vegetables, will find enhanced access to global markets.

However, passengers should be mindful of entry regulations for the United States due to immigration procedures in Miami. Emirates aims to provide an unprecedented level of comfort and style, setting a new standard for premium services on the route between South Florida and Colombia.

Enhanced connectivity and economic impact

Emirates’ Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, equipped with 354 seats across three cabins, will play a pivotal role in elevating the travel experience for passengers on the Bogotá-Miami route. In addition to passenger services, the new flights will offer up to 20 tonnes of cargo capacity on each trip, opening up new avenues for Colombian exports such as fresh flowers, fruits, and vegetables in global markets.

Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airlines, highlights the strategic significance of incorporating Bogotá into the network. He emphasizes that adding Bogotá aligns with their strategy to enhance connectivity, broaden travel options, and offer exceptional premium experiences. This initiative is anticipated to stimulate heightened business and leisure travel opportunities between the two regions.

Meanwhile, Colombia’s Minister of Trade, Industry, and Tourism, His Excellency Germán Umaña Mendoza, has welcomed the connectivity milestone, emphasizing its positive impact on trade, investment, and tourism. The new route is expected to strengthen economic ties between the United Arab Emirates and Colombia while providing travelers with enhanced options and seamless connectivity.

Destination spotlight: Bogotá, the “Athens of South America”

Bogotá’s status as a major center for tourism, education, culture, and finance, coupled with its appeal as a central location in the Americas, makes it a thriving destination. Known as the “Athens of South America,” Bogotá is set to become even more accessible and appealing to a global audience.

Emirates’ new daily service is not only a significant expansion of its network but also a bridge connecting diverse cultures and creating new opportunities for travelers and businesses alike. With tickets already on sale, the countdown has begun for this groundbreaking journey set to commence in June.