Before Disney introduced you to your favourite princess, there were Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm—famously known as Brothers Grimm who told these tales in their famous Children’s and Household Tales in 1812. The German brothers were inspired by by the quaint villages, splendid castles, and the enchanting landscapes of what’s known these days as Germany’s Fairy Tale Road. Located 600 km north of Frankfurt, this very road will take you to the most magical journey and get you to enter the original settings of your childhood bedtime stories.

Steinau, Cinderella’s Hometown

Steinau, Cinderella's Hometown

Did you know that Brothers Grimm’s hometown Steinau is also the birthplace of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel & Gretel? Yes, the mesmerising Steinau is a magical town in Kinzig Valley, just 50 minutes away from Frankfurt. Imagine walking around the pavement with medieval timbered houses on both sides, seeing that majestic castle in a distance and meeting the people at the gorgeous town hall. Do not miss the chance to visit The Brothers Grimm museum and witness over 200 original manuscripts of their work and climb the castle where Cinderella met the love of her life.

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Visiting Grandma with Little Red Riding Hood in Schwalm

Visiting Little Red Riding Hood in Schwalm

In Schwalm you can follow the trails of Ratkappcherland or Little Red Riding Hood through the dark forest to her grandma’s house. Experience the enchanting nature of Schwalm with hiking, mountain biking, or just take a stroll along with your family in Knull Wildlife Park to observe the wildlife—be careful of the wolf though. In this very place you can also see the folk dress that inspired Brothers Grimm to create Little Red Riding Hood at the Schwalm Museum or the wonderful sight of Ziegenhain water fortress at night.

Sleep Like The Sleeping Beauty at Sababurg Castle

Sleeping like Sleeping Beauty in Sababurg Castle

Roughly for 160 years ago, Sababurg Castle—known as Zapfenburg today—was abandoned in the midst of Reinhardswald Forest. As the castle decayed, long and high thorny hedge at the foot of the castle fired up the imagination of Brothers Grimm. Not long after the Sleeping Beauty, Sababurg Castle turned into one of the most romantic castles in Germany. You can actually sleep inside the tower of the castle where Sleeping Beauty once did in her eternal slumber, café hop, and take a Sleeping Beauty tour to the garden to climb the top of the tower where Maleficent tricked Sleeping Beauty into pricking her finger.

Climb the Hair to Meet Rapunzel at Trendelburg

Climb Rapunzel's hair to Trendelburg

Another famous princess who lived—or stucked—in the tower is Rapunzel. Her home, Trendelburg, is a charming medieval village with the entire green horizon before your eyes. The main attraction of this town is the famous tower in Hotel Burg Trendelburg. You can actually climb up around 130 stairs inside the forty-meter stone-thick tower by paying 5 euro per person. If you don’t like the idea of climbing that high, you can just watch the legendary scene of Rapunzel growing her hair for the young prince to climb up re-enacted every Sunday at 03.00 PM.