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Whether you’ve been immersed in the saga for years, dissecting each episode, or recently raced through all the seasons in a whirlwind week, there’s no denying the captivating allure of Game of Thrones. Beyond the web of intricate plotlines and the depth of character journeys, what truly ensnared everyone was its breathtaking visuals. The showrunners meticulously selected each filming location, integrating the scenery so seamlessly that it became an integral part of the narrative fabric.

Now, it’s time to venture beyond the boundaries of the screen as Wego invites you on a curated voyage. So, tie up your boots, pack your bags, and embark on an adventure to the real-life locations that inspired Westeros before winter comes! This is the ultimate way to indulge your Game of Thrones fascination and turn your journey into an epic adventure!

Disclaimer: If you haven’t watched the show yet or if you’re currently watching it, this article contains spoilers. Proceed reading at your own discretion.


Admittedly, getting into the rhythm of ‘Game of Thrones’ during the initial episodes was a daunting task for many, given the flurry of events and a plethora of characters. However, one pivotal scene not only made us empathize with certain characters but also deeply invested us in the show: the execution of Ned Stark in the penultimate episode of the first season.

This unforgettable scene was filmed at Malta’s 18th-century stronghold, Fort Manoel. Furthermore, Malta is home to several other locations, such as the Mdina gate in King’s Landing and even the site of Littlefinger’s ‘establishment of nightly delights’ in Mesquita Square.

Beyond the thrill of exploring King’s Landing and Game of Thrones sites, Malta is a remarkable tourist destination that can captivate even those unfamiliar with the series. Break free from the ordinary and discover the magnificence of Malta, where the coastline is a stunning tapestry of rugged cliffs meeting crystal-clear waters and serene coves adorned with golden sands.

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Every step in Spain unveils a canvas painted with vibrant colours intertwined with rich history. The creators of the show recognised Spain’s true potential, harnessing its landscapes rich with the scope to depict ancient civilisations merging seamlessly with modern elegance. Spain is an enchanting mosaic of diverse landscapes and cultural treasures, making it an ideal setting for various locations in the show’s later seasons.

One crucial scene where the entire show reaches its zenith unfolds in the last episode, where all surviving rulers of Westeros gather at the Dragon Pit to determine their new leader. This momentous event was filmed at the Amphitheatre of Italica in Spain, a location that hosted numerous scenes, including Daenerys’ iconic arrival with her dragons.

Spain boasts several other striking filming locations for Game of Thrones. The Royal Alcazar of Seville served as the residence of House Martell, while the entirety of King’s Landing was captured in Cáceres for the finale season. The ancestral seat of House Targaryen, Dragonstone Castle, found its cinematic form at San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. Additionally, the breathtaking scene where Daenerys and Jon Snow explore the caves, showcasing the stunning landscape of Dragonstone Beach, was shot at Itzurun Beach in Spain.

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Two distinct yet unique elements converge in Iceland to create a beauty unparalleled elsewhere: glaciers and volcanoes. Indeed, what better place to encapsulate the essence of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ than this unique land? The creators of Game of Thrones exploited Iceland’s diverse landscapes to the fullest. Iceland served as the backdrop for numerous memorable scenes throughout the series.

One such location that stands out is the Grjótagjá Cave. This was the setting for a poignant moment between Jon Snow and Ygritte, where their bond deepened amidst the ethereal beauty of the cave. However, the reality of this location is quite different from its on-screen depiction. The cave’s water is scalding hot, making it unsuitable for a leisurely dip. Diving there with your partner might result in a trip to the maester on account of severe burns. Fun fact: they used VFX to make it seem like they were luxuriating in those scalding waters. That’s the Game of Thrones magic for you, weaving fantasy into reality!

Another notable location is Hengilssvæðið, the mountain where the Hound and Brienne of Tarth had their showdown! It’s not just a battleground; it’s also a prime territory for spotting the Northern Lights. So, if you’re looking for a touch of Game of Thrones history and a dazzling display in the sky, that’s your spot!

The beauty of Iceland extends far beyond what you see on screen. Seriously, everything filmed there looks stunning, but being there in person is a whole different experience. It’s akin to that moment when you’d say, “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” until you’ve stood there and felt it yourself.

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For the ardent Game of Thrones enthusiast, navigating Croatia might feel like a walk through a familiar land, as every corner seems to echo a sense of déjà vu. The show extensively utilized Croatia’s awe-inspiring landscapes and historic architecture, making each wall and structure reverberate with its rich historical tapestry.

Several iconic scenes shot in Croatia for Game of Thrones are etched in our memories. Do you recall the gut-wrenching sequence of Cersei’s Walk of Shame? It was filmed at the Jesuit Staircase in Dubrovnik, a scene that stirred a whirlwind of emotions, regardless of your sentiments towards her. Then there’s the ancient Diocletian’s Palace in Split, a 1700-year-old marvel where Daenerys held court and trained her dragons.

You can also discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site, St. James Cathedral in Šibenik. It doubled as the House of Black and White and the Iron Bank in the show. It’s where Arya finds solace after following the Braavosi culture. Interesting tidbit: it’s also the world’s largest stone church.

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There are plenty more locations worldwide, but Wego has aimed to showcase the top five places where Game of Thrones was filmed. Oh, wait! There are just four listed above? Ah, yes! There’s a whole article detailing various Game of Thrones scenes and their filming locations in the United Kingdom. Be sure to give it a read!

‘Game Of Thrones’ Filming Locations In The UK


Much like Arya exploring beyond the maps of Westeros, it’s your opportunity to venture into these earthly realms. Dive into Wego’s detailed guides on visas and travel procedures for these locations to craft your own adventure well in advance. Remember, in the real world, uttering “Valar Morghulis” won’t quite open doors for you.

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