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IndiGo, the Indian airline, is enhancing connectivity between Asia and Northern Europe by expanding its codeshare connections to Helsinki, Stockholm, and Oslo through Istanbul in collaboration with Turkish Airlines.

According to Wego’s research, the operational commencement dates for the connections to Helsinki and Stockholm are set for 23 November 2023, and for Oslo, it will be effective from 17 November 2023.

These flights are being introduced to cater to business and leisure travelers seeking new and affordable flying options to access destinations that facilitate business development and offer tourist attractions.

The new codeshare expansion has opened the doors for IndiGo to offer customers access to around 42 new destinations beyond Istanbul, ranging across Europe, North Africa and the United States

The move has come owing to increasing demand from Indian flyers for European destinations like Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo. Helsinki has been a sought-after destination for Indian students and professionals, while Stockholm and Oslo serve as gateways for cultural exchange and strengthening economic ties with Sweden and Norway.

Here are some of the flight schedules for the new expansions. Please note that these schedules are accurate at the time of writing and are subject to change. For more detailed schedules and bookings, please visit IndiGo’s official website.

Route Frequency Departure Arrival
Istanbul to Oslo Daily 9 AM 11 AM
Oslo to Istanbul Daily 11:50 AM 5:55 PM
Helsinki to Istanbul Daily 12:55 PM 4:45 PM
Istanbul to Helsinki Daily 8:20 AM 12:05 PM
Istanbul to Stockholm Daily except Wed 11:50 AM 2:30 PM
Stockholm to Istanbul Daily except Wed 3:20 PM 8 PM